Identify This parasite

We 19 photo fems outside, some in bags, 5gal pails, and ground. All have some sign.Any ideas. My guess, bugs.

Need to get a closer look at this guy and see what he is

Can anyone help me identify what is going on with plants? outdoor grown

I saw that critter…didn’t assume the obvious. I will mention that to friend.

Check bottom of leaves for parasite infestation. Plant could use more nutes.
DC around plant will keep some parasites off. Uncle Jack’s Bug brew is great for lots of unwanted plant killers.

Like TanLover said. Food Grade DE on ur soil will prevent larvae n eggs of most bugs. Look under leaves and as closely as possible. Something is SHREDDING them. And ill bet its more then one something.

Welcome @sarah. No idea what u have going on. But u may want to get another thread started so we can get u a support ticket. O and welcome to ILGM