Identify problem marijuana leaves

@Beginnerdad Welcome to Ilgm the best place you can be. It would help if you could show a pic in natural light. Blurple lights make diagnosing problems extremely hard. :sunglasses::v:

I agree with @Dman1969. Need better pics for a diagnosis!


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I think you’re right on the nute burn. I found that Happy Frog seems to have plenty of nutes that
need to wear down before feeding. Also any good potting soil has nutes in it also for up to six waterings.

Can anyone help me. Let me first say… I am a newbie. I am a low budget newbie and I will more than likely be laughed at but I am having fun nonetheless…
I have a 10 day old seedling that just started showing yellow at the very tip of the leaves. I mean very tip. I will include photos if I can figure it out.
Soil: MG Organics
Nutes: NONE ( I guess i will go buy some once i see what people say on here)
Water: Almost daily with a squirt bottle.
Light: 75w grow light - relassy brand

Now, should I “flush” the plant? Its a seedling still, won’t that basically overwater and kill it? Should I repot the plant? I don’t know what to do.

Autoflower sour diseal
Miracle grow
Reverse osmosis water
Can’t remember this one
LED grow lights
Have grown feminized before, but this is first time growing autoflower.

Thank you

Welcome to ILGM forum. This thread is 6 years old and hasn’t been active for 11 months. Looking at your pics no deficiencies come to mind. Have you checked for pest. It looks like damage from something like leafhoppers. Also have you been successful using Miracle-Gro soil. I’ve seen a couple of people that have been able to use it successfully, but many more that has ended up having issues. I’m going to tag a few people that can possibly be able to determine what’s going on with your girls. @Myfriendis410 @imSICKkid @dbrn32


It’s hard to say bugs with the one set of leafs being affected so hard like that. And honestly, I’ve never seen something like that. I would look underneath all the leaves and check the soil for any movement.


Won’t blame the soil , unless it was full of bugs…
I’m leaning towards a ph or ppm issue…
Not feeding what they need or not making sure that they can take up nutrients … :grin::+1:
One of the 2…
Maybe both…