Identify a strain

had some sweet smoke that i got bout 30 seeds from, planted 5 all grew & produced great yield(still waiting for final cull) i dont know wat strain it was & would love to buy more seeds in future does anyone have some suggestions on how to identify

Look at leaf structure sativa = thin leaves Indica = fat leaves (fan leaves)
how tall is the plant? Indica’s = short/bushy plant, Sativa’s = tall plant Hybrid plant = medium/tall plant

Have you seen where some cannabis cultivars want to grow their own potent strains and patent them, keep the genetics out of just anybodies hands?

How will a company keep it’s plants their own for long?

if that is the case then why would they allow their buds go out with seeds( that have germinated 100% to female)

I think it’s more a business related policy…patent a strain so it can’t be sold by anyone but the developers. They need to get some reward for their time and work.
The patent lasts 20 years from the filing date, so if ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA creates a strain, they could legally stop or demand money from another business profiting from it.

You own your plant, your seeds from it, but can’t market them without worrying about legal problems.

no there’s no business interest here actually all i want to know strain so i can BUY seeds

I have to drop out of this thread, I have nothing to add to steve2’s post, thin leaves usually Sativa, wider leaves indicate Indica strain, and most strains out there are mixes of Sativa and Indica.
I don’t know if it is possible to “name this strain” from what you saw and smoked. There are alot of variations and more mixes coming out all the time.

I also would like to know if strains can be identified this way?

Really about the closest you can get is to the type, but not the exact strain. Like was mentioned you could figure out indica or sativa first but the majority of plants are now hybrids with a dominant side. From there you may be able to narrow down to possible lineage through taste and look, IE it tastes like that white Widow I smoked before but has a fuel type taste. From this you could speculate that it is a cross of Widow and a diesel but as for knowing exactly what the genetics are for sure, there isn’t a way that I am aware of :saddisappointed:

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As a rule I keep a clone for a mother of every strain I grow that way if I stumble across a goldmine I still can reproduce it in the future without a lab the only way to figure out an unidentified strain is pure dumb luck by running into and growing the seed again. If you look at strains you will find that several producers sell the same ones but even these differ greatly from one seller to the next most seeds are hybrids and eventhough labled with same names they are different in some minor way.

yeah i does have this sort of industrial type of after taste almost like rubber or plastic large crystalised buds that are airy & light crumble quite easily not like some compact sticky ones

how long do you keep a mother growing before its no good, i know under 18 hrs+ light will perpetuate is this, can a mother be eternal please say yes

you can keep a mother plant for years if you wish by simply keeping it on a veg light cycle and pruning to stop her from getting too big.

is this a realistic concept to fruitful growing yr after yr eg does mother lose potetancy, cuase i see MJ plants in thailand as big as a tree but completely deviod of any thc, they just use to add flavour to cooking

Well that is a good question though I suspect sooner or later a person will find a better strain and a male sativa would be pretty much devoid of thc :wink: A mother plant from a good strain shouldn’t lose potency or atleast not if treated well. The law of diminished returns would apply more to clones of clones generation after generation and honestly with all the new strains out there I would likely trigger her to seed sooner or later, and yet have many friends that grow and have same mother plants for years the only reduction in quality they suffer is due to better strains coming out constantly :slight_smile:

thanks i agree with wat you say. I bought seeds from ilgm, all so far have germinated, its just they are expensive and until i become more proficient & experienced it turns out to be an expensive hit miss hobby, but the sour deseal & last smoke seeds grew great but bubblegum & goldleaf not so well(probably rookie mistake trying to grow 4 strains at once)

Every strain is slightly different so some may like light feed some heavy can be tricky to manage multiple strains at once on single grow usually need to keep notes on each strain while growing and adjust feeding and temps too. As you learn you figure out which strains grow well together :slight_smile:

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