Identification help appreciated: Pest, rot, burn?

For context:
She’s lived in Foxfarm soil since going outdoors the last week of May.
She’s been sprayed with Monterey Bay insect spray on 6.19 and 6.29.
She began budding about July 1.
She got her first dose of bat-guano infused water on July 3.
These pix taken on July 7.
She’s had several consecutive days in the mid 80’s. but she’s under Suntuf clear roofing panels so she doesn’t get much direct sun on her (some in the very late afternoon as the sunsets.).

Today I noticed a couple of leaves with this rust colored stain. Inspection with a magnifier finds no pests. Tried to get a close up with the magnifier and included that with normal pictures.

Appreciate thoughts on what may be the cause.

No expert here but I’d lean towards the bat guano being a little hot for here. Looks like nute burn. Can see it in a couple tips as well. Shouldn’t be a big deal, just keep an eye on it to make sure it isn’t getting worse.

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If you see it progressing try flushing the soil with plain ph’d water. I agree looks like nute burn

Thanks for that tip. (And, perfect name for the situation. LOL).

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