Ideas on outdoor structure to hold buds

I’m wanting to see if anyone has any ideas on some kind of way or structure to hold the heavy buds & branches from falling over.
I am thinking about making an arbor out of pvc pipe that will slip over some 8’ steel green poles driven in ground that will tie into other up rights to make the arbor/canopy.
I need a 3-4” square openings on top, and 5’ tall.
Has anyone used fencing with 4” square holes for there buds to come through?
Appreciate any ideas that have worked for you. Tia


Can u just get bamboo sticks from home depot or lowes and tie them off to the bamboo sticks thats what i do with my indoor ones that get super heavy.


@Wackywildwilly that’s a pretty good problem to have. Nice!:v:

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I’ve seen people use just tomato cages, but earlier. Just make sure made out of aluminum preferably or galvanized, don’t want rust on plants.

Are we talking a gurilla grow or a backyard grow? Your options are somewhat limited because ya waited too late. If it’s a legal grow a brush arbor would work fine, but if its a gurilla grow your gonna be limited now to poles and string.

Next year build you a 4 pole structure and install a screen

Thanks for the idea. It sounds cost effective and efficient. I think I’ll go this route.

Thanks for your input. I guess one would use screen with large holes (1 or 2 inches) for the plants to come through. What do you use for the frame poles?

Trellis sized. 2" way too small. Usually 5-6".

Legal? untreated 4 inch posts by 8 ft. Gurilla grow? Any straight tree I can find about 8 ft and I leave the top on it for camo, whack off the bottom sharpen into a point with machette stab into the ground.

Legal I would use dog fence wire, I hate the nylon plastic ones. Gurilla grows I don’t use a screen, I top 4 times if it’s a sativa dominate strain and use poles if needed. Or a string tied between two trees over my grow that I can tie plants back too.

In a gurilla setting, and if I got room and not enough time away from work to top and prune I will not top the plants and bend my plants over and tie to a stake. It’s sort of an old school gurilla lst.

If u build a scrog u can use three quarter pvc pipe and some 90s make screw holes evenly across tops and weave twine around screws. I made mine with e inch holes some do bigger. Make whatever works for u. 3 inch is about smallest id gap tho

A type of bamboo grows wild around here. Tall, up to 20 footers are common. :grin:

I would probably opt for bamboo stakes too. Simply for ease of use at point of grow you’re in.

Thanks for your input. This sounds the simplest & cheapest. Take care BUDdy

I’m growing my first outdoor grow but, because it’s a guerrilla grow its in a 10 gal fabric that I can move in case of an emergency. I use a single hole hole punch and punch holes all around the top of pot and tie all my branches down to keep her close to the ground. I’m growing a Ghost Train Haze clone, just jarred her host plant(the one I cut the clone from).

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If wanting to not spend money…from your pictures I see 2 flower hangers that can maybe be utilized for weigh support…also you have a wooden fence and a trellis back there…possibilities are endless if ya go horizontal from your fence to your bag. Even stretched out clothes hangers can support really well given they too are supported in a correct manner. Get creative your pictures answered your question :sunglasses::+1:t2:

Looking good. I also use ten gallon fabric bags. Once they get good size I cut a big x in the bottom and put them 3/4 in the ground.

I am going to ten gallon short and wide fabric bags on indoor. I’ve been vegging some outdoors while waiting on my indoor to finish.

Ghost train haze is the baddest of the bad right? Gonna have to put that one on my bucket list.

I like your setup one would most likely walk right past that plant and not notice. I’ve wanted to try the duckfoot Cannibis that has the weird leaves. Your setup would be ideal for it.

Frisian Duck is the funky duck foot shaped strain.

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