Ideas for drying herb outside stealth

Hey yall ILGM Auto’s are almost done need some ideas for dying outside in the woods. Cant inside non legal state and wife won’t have it. Live on small acreage with woods thinking id run some wire between tree limbs hang buds on and hang black tarp over them to keep dew and rain off. Any ideas would be great

You’ll want to keep them out of the sun. Maybe a big cardboard box, with vent holes, and a tarp over it to keep the rain off.


My thoughts:
You’ll need screen or mesh, or room to hang them.
You need to keep critters out, big and small.
Since it will be enclosed somehow, make sure it’s not an oven in the sun.
-so, I’m thinking
Mosquito netting, enclosing a frame that you hang it from, or do you have a pup tent?
Something to keep the weather out and control humidity (like the box idea)
And would think about a fan blowing air through so you can attempt to control temp and humidity.

For what it’s worth.

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Just look up your preferred drying temp and humidity, compare that to whatever you are using.

Try it out a few days first with nothing in it, or just a regular plant that will also give off moisture, and try to make them match.

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Get one of those hanging net zip-up drying trays. They come in single layer, double layer, triple, etc. You can place your buds into the net, zip it up, and hang it in a dark part of the woods.

You have a house in the woods? Neighbors nearby? Is your roof shaded by trees? Do you have an attic or space between ceiling and the roof?.. if that is an option. Trim them up really good to remove as much plant matter as possible, get some hooks and hang those short auto from your trusses.

It is dark, dry, and if the roof “IF” shaded is warm, but not too hot. Also the wife wont smell it because its sealed from the rest of the house. I used this method back in the day for stealth growing when we were forced underground.

However if you have a cabin style home, then I would use a cheap rubbermaid tool shed to hang them in, keeps them dry, dark, and if you have the ability to get electrical cord to it a slow spinning fan placed at the bottom to move the air gently.