Ideal tent size for 6 plant scrog

2 weeks later & they’re growing like weeds! lol


Looking good!

What’s your trick for watering the plants in back under the scrog?

Custom Accessories 31117 6" Diameter King Size Funnel


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Perfect! I’m ordering one today. Thanks!

another week of growth


That’s a happy tent! @North_East_Newbie


I am amazed at how fast they are growing now!
They are much bigger today than even Friday when this pic was taken.

Your bud pics look delicious @bob31
You must feel like a kid a Christmas!


lol I do brother. I’ve only got a single AK47 Auto growing and shes small but that will be some good bud when she’s ripe. I still have 3-4 weeks to go!


For me, it’s quality over quantity,
I bet 3-4 weeks can’t come fast enough… :smiley:

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Mine is a room issue, I have a very small grow area right now but that will change very shortly. Moving everything to a nice wooden shed I have in the backyard. It has electricity and the circuit can support an AC unit, lights and everything needed for the grow. I’m not gonna go crazy but the next grow will be 3 or 4 plants anyway!

And yes, quality is number 1 ! I have grown my AK completely organic as well. and I want to continue that practice for the future. I’m also going to start collecting rainwater for watering.

I had planned on starting a new grow now so that I would have 3-4 week old veg plants to put in the tent, but I’ve had a change of plans due to circumstances beyond my control. So my next grow won’t kick off until the end of May.

Isn’t this all good fun! LOL


Sounds like a big upgrade @bob31!
Throw a couple solar panels on the shed and you’ll have an entire grow off the grid LOL.

I am thinking of buying some rain barrels for my outdoor grow, otherwise it will be a lot of work to ph water for 12 plants outside this summer.

On a side note, Ocean State Job lot has 4’ LED shop lights for $15!
Great deal for use as side lights or seedlings, maybe in your shed?

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OSJL those shoplights in their flyer? Thats where I got my “tent” it was a $20- special from them, lol

I didn’t see that listed in their flyer… I have the grow LED’s I need but a couple of those 4 footers would come in handy for side lighting!

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I used an electric heater (radiator style only) because my grow tent is in the basement also. It worked great and I didn’t worry about a fire cause it’s all enclosed and oil filled. Plus you aren’t trying to bring the temp up much more than 75 degrees right?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Ace2012.
I may use that in my new tent. :+1:

Just set up my new tent!
Went with a 5X5, so I will have enough room for a 6 plant scrog.

Pretty excited right now for my next grow!

Thanks to everyone for the solid advice, such a great group of people on here always looking to help!


those the shoplights in your tent?

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They sure are @bob31! :smile:


oh ok, i looked in their flyer and didn’t see those listed. I will have to take a stroll into my local store and take a look. Thats a great price!

Yeah, I wasn’t looking to buy them, but couldn’t pass it up at that price.

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