Ideal Temp/RH day/night

What is the ideal temp an RH for grow tent in each stage day/night? HELP

Day versus night humidity isn’t so relevant. The best guide to go by is as follows (by stage.)

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Just don’t chase rh too much. Air movement is a little more important. Especially for seedlings. Basically don’t sacrifice your fan to increase rh. I never get over 45 rh and many others don’t either.

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My rh at day is 60-73 basically the same at night an my temps are 77 at day 72 at night

You’ll need to lower that late flower. Avoid mold/bud rot. Large plants bring up the humidity, def gonna need a dehumidifier.

That’s with a humidifier on when it’s off it drops to around the 30

Oh. Then you should be fine. I stay around 40, quit bothering with humidifiers pretty quickly.

So is that day an night you stay around 40 through each stage of grow???

Yeah. Midwest.

I mean. I haven’t tried indoor in summer here yet. That may be interesting

Wow thought that would be low for seedlings an veg

U should try it

Looks happy to me.
Edit. Looks like I need to raise light, otherwise happy

this how my day’s have been 70-79temp 65-73 rh just transplanted those two today so they a lil mad lol

Yea it does I could learn something from you

I’m at like 20 to 30 percent during the day. My exaust sucks everything right out lmao at night it gets to 60s or so

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Everything I know I learned here and from Dr Bruce Bugbee. Youtube him, shares the findings of the hemp program at college in Utah.

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It’s really cool that more and more research is being done. Since the netherlands might sell us their seeds, but they don’t share their secrets.

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Thank you I posted a picture on this post tell me what you think the 3 are 17 days old just transplanted 2 of them today they seem to stop growing ( they just bag seeds) the little one is a Ak 47 auto only day 3 since popping out the soil

Yea it is cool