Ideal Setup For Indoor Grow

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Thanks for the advice, That sounds like a good idea. I had a hole day yesterday of doing research without being to post on here because it capped my replies at 10 per day or something like that. While I was muted here I looked into the AC Infinity 10x10 tent. Im starting to think I might start with one of those and just see how many plants I can grow in there. I can divide that area up into 2-5x10 if once I get my first “mature” plants. So that I can start the “imature” plants on the other side. Or maybe 2 of those tents would be all I need. I would think 2 Diablos would be enough to light each one of those tents nicely.

I actually have a Tv, bathroom and even a shower in the barn so Im good to go! I can even sleep in there with the plants when the wife kicks me out of the house which happens every other week.


Wow ok, Thats a lot more plants then @merlin44 who had 6 plants fill his 8x8. Im really thinking on going for this tent.

Ac infinity 10x10. Ive read some good reviews on it and for the price I think it makes sense instead of building something or instead of just using a corner of the barn for growing. Like someone before mentioned id be throwing a lot of light away doing that. You think 2 Diablos would be fine in a 10x10? Are you running the lights at 100% most of the time?


To clarify (I wasn’t totally clear), the number of plants in given area can vary hugely depending upon your chosen growing style. I have had as many as 25 plants in there and I could easily fill it with a single plant by veging just a bit longer.


Nice! Thats a cool setup. So each one of your lights are 200 watts huh. So you are using 600 watts at 50% for 2 plants correct? Im thinking of doing the 2 diablos which should be 1300 watts. for a 10x10. I might just start this way and see how it goes. Im debating if I should start with 12, then 12 around 2 months later or 6,6,6,6 with 1 month apart for each time. Im leaning towards starting with 6 since like some of you guys said, 12 might be too much for a begginer. 6 might also be too much but Ill learn as I go.

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Thanks for clarifying, yes I understand that really depending on my needs I could do what I wanted with the space. I might just have to start and learn as I go. If I put 12 in a 10x10 and I get a good yield in X amount of days. Ill try 12 in a 5x10 the next time just with smaller plants and see how much that produces. Im thinking smaller plants with quicker turnaround will be better. if 5x10 works then the 10x10 might be enough for the 12 mature 12 immature plants. if not, i might need another 10x10.

Got any opinions on that grow tent btw?

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This largely limited by the nature of the plant and its life cycle. About the quickest seed to harvest that you can achieve is around 90+ days. With photo period plants, you can flower them as soon as possible (just over a month to sexual maturity) or veg longer for a larger plant and yield. It is all about finding the balance that suits your needs and growing style.

By growing clones you can shorten that a bit because they are sexually mature as soon as they start growing roots and new growth.

Either way, the plant will need 60 to 70 days to flower to maturity.


I can actually use the residential well water or the irrigation well water for the plants so Ill have them both tested and use the better quality one. I think my residential water might actually be better since its a lot deeper. I think going coco might be too much for me on my first grow. I have enough to learn with just soil. Btw, I was under the impression that you had to use new soil every time? That should take care of the depleting nutrients shouldnt it? Or do you mean nutrients start depleting as the plant grows?

Sounds like a solid plan starting with a tent.

Unless you use giant pots for your soil, they will deplete the nutrients in the soil before the grow is complete.
You will need to test the runoff after a month or two and decide when and how to begin a feeding program.

I think the ability to control temp and humidity by individual spaces is very important. The ideal environment for veg is different than what is needed during flowering and very different than needed for drying and storage. Air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heat. Lighting requirements is also different for flower and veg.
Any thought about growing medium? Soil, soilless, hydro…?
Do you have a lot of free time?
I’d grow a couple of plants to get a feeling for what is needed in your situation. I know I do things very differently now from where I started.
Fun journey. A couple of the larger indoor growers that I can think of are @PharmerBob and @AfgVet. Well worth looking at what they are doing.


Ok, So looks like Ill need 3 grow tents then. Maybe 2-10x10 and 1-5x10 for drying and storing?

Growing medium I plan on going with soil. I was just watching a guy who recommends large containers to grow the plants and it made sense. Ive been into aquariums for about 15 years now and he used aquarims as an example. The smaller the aquarium, the harder it is to keep parameters under control. When its a large volume of water, its very easy and you can get away with doing very minimal water changes and its less work in general. According to him, same applies to soil. He uses large cointainers and then when he harvests, he adds whatever nutrients he needs to his soil. He doesnt have to do much and is happy with the results.

I do have a lot of free time. I play a sport for a living so I have lots of time except for weekends when Im gone a lot and that actually worries me a bit.

Thanks for the reply


How many gallons is giant? I was thinking 50 gal containers, so a bit unde 2x2x2. That would give me a bit of room to walk in the tent if I do 3 plants per 5x5 quadrant.

You want to clone to limit your total grow time if you’re allowed/ or Dont give a ….

Start new Clone - 5-6 week of flower

Harvest plants - replace with clones you have prepared from wk5-6

Veg 3-4 weeks flip to flower

This allows for possibility of 4 harvest per room annually.

A room of your size could easily produce 5-10 lbs per harvest at roughly 20-40 lbs / year

At 200/ ounce you do the math but it works for me :wink:

(20x 16) x 200


Power - you may want a breaker panel installed for just your grow.

Air - intake , exhaust , co2 , humidifier (industrial) dehumidifier w/ pump and drainage line

Hvac - you’ll need heating / cooling in each area , mini splits are the way to go

Water - a source close enough for each grow area to not make it an inconvenience to get. Efficiency makes $$


No tents you have the space and area build rooms!


50 gallons is pretty huge, but I don’t know how you would fit 50 gallon pots in a grow tent

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27 gal storage bins are nice. You can build a hydro setup and push the limits

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Those are nice lights, but I’m thinking 1300 watts for 100 sq ft (13 w/ft) will not get you where you want to be. The website says one will be ok for flower in a 5x5, so I get why you’re thinking this way. I’m just worried that it’s not reality and I’d hate to see you get arse deep in a huge grow without the best light. This scale is beyond my experience though so others may have better guidance.


It is reality 2 scorpions or even better scorpion diablos will definitely flower a 10x10 no problem :v:


Happy to stand corrected. :slight_smile: