Ideal pH for water for an indoor grow

Hey Champions,

I’ve started my first grow and would like to know the ideal pH of water to use on my babies. My current reading is a pH of 6.0. Thanks in advance.

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can you fill this out @Don2072 and welcome to ilgm
that is a good median ph # though but i believe optimum is 5.8 hydro and around 6.4 soil


@BIGE is correct from what I understand. 5.8 for hydro and 6.5 for soil. Now I believe if you are in some kind of what’s considered a soilless medium like 100% Coco then I believe you shoot for 5.8 on that also. Good luck


First let me take the time to welcome you to the forum
Youll find a friendly atmosphere here with many helpful and knowledgeable peeps
If your in soil you are looking for 6.3 to 6.8 ph
With 6.5 being best for nutrient up take feel
Free to tag me if you have any questions if i cant answer them ill get you someone who can
Happy growing
And filling out a support ticket is always a good way to start and thread especially if you have a issue


Cheers @Countryboyjvd1971. Greatly appreciated.

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Cheers @neckNflu. Appreciate the help.

Hi &Welcome to forum. Youve already met some great growers. Just remember that a stupid question is the one not asked. Happy Growing :herb:

1 x LSD and 1 x Girl Scout Cookies. Roughly 9 days since they emerged from soil. Not sure which is which as I mixed up the labels during potting.

Soil in pots is a basic potting mix.

System type Not sure about this. They’re under lights.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir - I do have a runoff area for the pots but I only just got my water pH tester so as of now I’m unable to give you a reading. Using rainwater for irrigation purposes. I test the soil with my finger to determine dampness. Current reading of rainwater pH is 6.0.

What is strength of nutrient mix - I haven’t applied any nutrients yet.

Indoor. Tent size is 23.62 inches x 23.62 inches x 47.24 inches.

Light system, size - 600 w LED at roughly 20 inches above the plants. Currently have an 18/6 regime for lighting.

Temps; Just got my weather station. Current temp is 75 F. It’s Daytime here.

Humidity; Just got my weather station. Current humidity is 79%.

Ventilation system; Yes - Fan with one outlet. Fan is above the plants with its direction straight down.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,No.

Co2; , No!

A side note is I’m from Australia and I’m a metric baby. Ha. Converted the measurements and readings. Learning everyday.


@Laurap Thanks.

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Looks like a good start. Enjoy your growing

@neckNflu Cheers.

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Welcome Don. You will have great success with these people behind ya.

@Flyr Thanks mate.

@Don2072 looks like your streaching a bit there
Move lights closer to maybe 18 inches
Also so yiu have a small fan moving air inside the tent ?

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Cheers for that. Yes I have a fan situated on the top of the tent with the air heading down towards the plants. I have a number of areas where I can install it if that is not the best place for it. Once again @Countryboyjvd1971 thankyou for your help/advice.


As long as the air is making the leaves moves a little your ok the breeze will help her stem strength :+1:
Any time @Don2072

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