Ideal cycle using a programable timer?


Hello fam, just looking for some experienced advice using a 8 cycle max per day programable timer for water pumps not lighting as I have my light set to 16/8 veg cycle. I’ve done some limited research and it varies from 15min on off cycles to patient cycles throughout the day and off 8 hrs at night as from what I’ve read and understand that plants don’t need solution during dark as they only feed during light. Some say rule of thumb is just long enough to dampen media and roots and off not long enough to dry out.

rDWC 22 gal res w/3X 3.5 bubble buckets

ATM I’m running

Basically 2on 2off and cycled for 30mins twice during dark just to keep everything damp. It would be greatly appreciated for any input or advice to improve this cycling.


Most of use a 18-6 standard light cycle or as low as 16 hour on 8 off for veg and 12-12 for flower
In nature you wouldn’t get light patterns like yours i have read a few things about using similar times as yours but I wasn’t convinced :wink:
Also i think the constant on/off could be more wahare and tear on the ballasts and drivers
Just my humble opinion :v:


My bad I edited my post as I was looking for a cycle for the water pump. Thx though yes, I bought the viparspectra 600w timer controlled and running 16/8 @Countryboyjvd1971


I do the ebb and flow system so I have it flooding for 1/2 hour five times in the 18 hrs. of veg. and four times in flower on the 12 hrs. I have the first feeding come on with the lights and the last feeding finishing about a half hour before the lights go out.


If I could get a picture of your whole system and size of pump I could give you a starting point and you could work your way from there… I run rdwc totes so I know what your asking… you only want your pumps to run 15 min every couple hours or else you run the risk of heating up the water and then comes the dreaded root rot… :wink:
I can tag you to my thread if you like…? Lots of good info… make sure to scroll to the top… :wink:

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Exactly @peachfuzz that would be great. I’ll make sure to post some pics but I have a question is 15 min enough for the larger net pots, hydroton w/rapid rooters? As you see in my OP I have on 2hrs, now my cycle seems a bit excesive. I really appreciate all the responses.



the light is viparspectra timer controlled 600w Full spectrum

I’m sure some will be curious of what’s going on with the Hanging bag with with ducting coming out of it so I’ll explain I have the scrubber set up top right in the tent and ran the ducting up and out and through the wall of the closet. My issue was the 6" duct fan was pretty powerful and caused some vibration so I boxed it and suspended it this inhibiting the vibration and sound and ran the ducting to a piece of lexan that incases the casement window. It works great no sound or vibrations.



These are the pumps I’m working with. Small aquarium pumps atm I forget how many gph they Pump but as you see one is set up as the main intake/outtake and one is a dripper bottom up top down getting the media fully dampened in the intervals.


Sorry about the double posting of pics I was trying to figure out how to erase the jpg descriptions and accidentally erased some pics and had to post them back up.


Well , it’s the size of the pump and the total amount of water that your system holds and the way that everything is situated that’s going to determine if your pump is running at the right amount of time… also room and water temps have to be taken into consideration… :wink:

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As soon as your roots touch the water , you need to stop using the top feed , it will eventually kill the plants and even right now that pump should only kick on twice a day for 15 min tops… :wink:
You also need to make sure that there’s a 1 inch air gap between the net basket and water at all time’s… (ie) when main pump is running or not , so you might need to play with that a lil bit… :wink:
The clear tote is perfect for putting frozen 2 liter water bottles into if you need to control water temps… :wink:
Your main pump should only need to run for 30 min every 3 to 4 hours… :wink:

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Okay so I’ll let my media completely dry out the run the pump and time it to see how long I should run it for complete saturation. And with the 1" from net pot my question is how do you achieve this if when the pumps are not running more water flows into the res so it’s hard to keep the Water height stable on Off. You think it’s a slight height difference between the the buckets and res? @peachfuzz


I’m not sure of the size of tubing your using , but you want the return lines a little bit bigger than the feed lines… this will help to keep the water line more level… :wink:
I use 3/4 return lines and 1/2 inch feed lines… :wink:
So I keep a 2 inch air gap at all times unless my pumps are running and then the water level rises by 1 inch , but I still maintain a 1 inch air gap that way… hope I’m making sense… :wink:
You really don’t need to saturate all of the stones at all times… your plants will damp off that way and you will end up with trunk rot… once your roots hit the water , wetting the rocks isn’t necessary , it will only cause problems… :wink:

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I keep my res and totes at the same level and return lines inter and exit at the same height on all of the buckets and totes… :wink:

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7/8 refrigerator tube lines and feed lines are 5/16. I think my res is on a slight incline so I have to play with it to get an even water line. I really appreciate your input bro I read you whole thread and you fed have some talent at this.

Cheers pal


Also I just pulled the top feed lines and ran it to the main feeder off a Y connection so if one pump decides to sh#t the bed I have it backed up till I can fix it.


Also I adjusted the timer to 45min cycle ever 2hrs…
I think I’m off to a pretty solid start, thx again peachfuzz


Any time my friend… :wink:

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