Idea to tell plant sex early?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to go from a 18/6 growth veg cycle in the early stages to just perhaps a few days or so of 12/12 flower cycle to identify a plants sex earlier on?

And then back to 18/6 cycle to reveg?


I think it would make for a long grow. It would start flower then have to reveg then to flower again. It is possible but in my opinion not advisable. May even cause hermies later on.

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I’ve heard of folks taking a clone from their plant to accomplish this.


I’m not sure how much room you have in your tent but by week 5-6 I should know if I’ve got girls.
I take clones in week 4-5 right before I go to 12x12 on my girls.

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It is possible, yes. But much easier (and maybe cheaper in the long run) to utilize Farmer Freeman for a sex test at a very young age. You can get a 10 pack of tests for $120.

I’ve known breeders to do this but not the average grower.

Midwest has the cost effective idea. Root clippings and flip the clones. Keep meticulous records!

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Well if ur buying feminized seeds well there all female no need for that