Idea of a Portable Aircon

Hey all. Thanks for Having me ILGM ! =)
With the change of season there is a consideration as to the heat it brings. :raised_hands: hallelujah. Amen.

As far as setup is concerned - INTAKE – > BUG Barrier > Ducting (ducted from hallway into tent) > Inline fan > ducting (to direct as needed). EXHUAST – > carbon filter > inline fan > ducting (ceiling and out through wall)

Both are approx. 4 - 5m . 6" inlines - bought a booster as was considering implementing AC. Just not sure if mobile or unit.
Mobile would mean same room as tent. Which means changing config of enviro to draw air from room. I am trying to run a fully closed tent (as to really work in co2 bags-methodically lol) sounds like co2… ya . Anyway.

Basically is a mobile air con able to achieve the needed results?
I know alot depends on situation and implementation of your chosen equipment (everyone is different).

Really don’t want to go through the regret and hassle for heat issues next :frowning: also . Was thinking of running a booster for the mobile air con as I will not be able to have a window near. :frowning: .

Ahh… now that people are down in the family. I must really say. Growing outdoor is cool… but growing indoor is just another love entirely. Drools :slight_smile:

The portable one I have produces serious amount of heat. We thought it would work. It didn’t.

If you can cool the room down, the tent temps generally come down.

I live in South Texas with extreme heat and humidity. Since I control the room temp with a window ac, tent temps drop. Its been brutal here this week and it reflects the temps my gadget records.