I'd love to see more info about newer lighting, mabey efficiency comparisons

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’ve been tinkering with bioponics, using 3300 lumen LED’s and a healthy school of fish. Currently it’s doing great and all my herbs are over growing and need to be harvested often. Your books great and iv adapted a few techniques from it. I’d love to see more info about newer lighting, mabey efficiency comparisons and the differences between full spectrum and the red and blue grow lights on bloome quality.

I’m helping a family member tend his soil grow aswell, your opinion on switching to a soiless system would go along way with him,
I want to convince him it could be a “sea of green” with less labor. Would I be right thinking that?

Attached is a picture of my tank, 50gph water change seems plenty for what I got going on , it’s a little ghetto rigged but it’s fo science



You should join the forum. Plenty of help on here for growing and hydroponics. Sounds like you want lighting help from @dbrn32


I can try my best to gather the data on lights, is there a couple of specific models we’re looking at?

I would also suggest joining the group, a lot of the lighting info and benefits of different growing methods is already here in several places.

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I wouldnt have known what to do without this forum and now i have a beautiful indoor garden!


Click on the FORUM tab and then Indoor/Light and Ventilation for some good lighting threads

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