IceDragon’s Grow Log

Hay, everyone I know it has been awhile (due to alot of family matters) since I posted anything so here is an update. The girls look great, but still no bud but they all look very promising. I think I am starting to see some bud growth hairs but I could be wrong, let me know what you guy think.

These are last weeks photos;

These are today’s photo, I had to do some more trimming;

Close up :slight_smile:

Please let me know what everyone thinks and your input is appreciated, thank you in advance.


I think you are correct my good sir! She’s def going into flower.


hello all, I just wanted to give a little update and share my progress. The girls look good, I feel something is missing though. If anyone can think of something let me know please. On to the pictures.

The light is 26 inches above the canopy and it has been working really good for this current grow.

Here is Blue Dream (Betty);

Here is Guerilla Glue (Georgia)

Here is MK-Ultra (Ursula)

I think I need to move the light higher but this light is not that good for wide spread, but again it works for now. Ursula and Betty are starting to smell good but Georgia is being a pain in the backside (PH is going up/down/up/down). All I can say I must be doing something right, I am feeding them nutes every three days (nutes, water, pause, water, nutes, water, pause, water, nutes) they seem to love it and all their vitals are spot on. I ran out of orange LST clips so more are on their way via Amazon. I am still looking about the end of August will be harvest time but again that is wish full thinking they might even run in to September. Any comments and/or suggestions are more then welcome.