Ice looking almost ready

Thinking this has less then a week ( aiming for 25% amber). What do u guys think.

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Just make sure you are looking at the trichomes on the buds and not the leaves because leaves are liars their trichomes will amber far sooner than the buds


I cut a bud from cola remover the sugar leaves and got in to the bud. This year I am trying to harvest at diffrent times. First plant I chopped was 60/40. Cloudy to clear. Wanted a “active” high. Next chop will be for max thc lvl hopefully. And last will be more Cbn less thc.for full couch lock. IF everything works out.


When I smoked I would allow the top buds (because they go first) to get about 40-60% amber go through and remove them and keep them separate from the other stuff a marked them with a big N for nighttime so I could have a separate stash for night because no one else in the family likes the couch lock I don’t smoke anymore so it’s easier for me now as soon as I start seeing amber chop chop


I like plenty of amber too. I only smoke an hour or 2 before bed time and like the sedating effect.


I use it for my MS. So I like to have a range of effects.

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Another question. My 2 ice plants in the small 5 gallon pots. ( friends grow) after I chopped the sfv that was next to them all the colas started to lean some at full 90 degrees. Will they be ok like that for a week want more amber in them.