I would like to know how to get the best flavor out of my yield

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I would like to know how to get the best flavor out of my yield

Flush well at the end, watch your nutes throughout your grow (including pH, as it relates to nute uptake), and take your time with drying & curing.


And wash your buds before drying. You’d be surprised by what comes off :grin:

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do you know if flushing is necessary or not with organic soil and no nutes added?


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You’re flushing to get rid of all the goodies in your grow medium so the plant starts eating the food it has stored inside of itself.

If you’re growing in organic soil w/out any added nutes/supplements, your plant should naturally start eating itself at the end of its life cycle (you’ll notice the leaves starting to look pretty awful), but if you notice everything still looking verdent near the end, you might want to flush, anyway.

Flushing improves the flavor & how your herb will burn.

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" Flushing improves the flavor & how your herb will burn."

regardless of being in organic or not?

all of my fan leaves are basically dead …

You’re probably fine w/o doing a flush.

And yes, even organic. You ever spark up a doob of blood meal or kelp? Or, yum, how bout that bone meal? Want a little extra potash with your bong hit? They are still things being absorbed by your plant, and they will still affect flavor, burn, etc. :grinning:

However, your plants seem to have eaten up all that stuff in their system, so you’re probably good w/o a flush. Although, depending on strain, age, lights, etc, there could be something else.

Do you have a pic?
Age of your plants?
Light type & height?


Chemicals are chemicals, natural or man made. :grinning: And organic soil is chock full of natural chemicals.


“Here; try this cyanide.”
“No thanks; that’s poisonous!”
“Ah, but it’s all natural!”

@blackthumbbetty gave you good advice. One of the reasons we shy away from chemical fertilizers entirely is due to the harsh burn and flavor of the finished crop.

Drying for 7 to 10 days before starting the cure and paying attention to the moisture state as it’s drying to catch it before it goes too far. That almost always ruins aroma. Pick up some Boveda packs and wide mouthed mason jars: WalMart has the best price–in the store! Some strains are aromatic right off and others take time to develop the flavor. I was just talking with @Bogleg about Gold Leaf and both noticed a lovely change in character after 3 to 6 months in the jar. It just depends.


i guess i just dont understand how a flush would actually remove those elements from the buds… and if i would even care… tagging you in a pic now

A flush removes them from the soil. There’s nothing left in the soil for the plant to eat, so it only has access to the elements & minerals that are in its leaves, stalk, etc. Eventually, there’s not much left. That’s how a flush works.

And, you should care if you’re concerned with delicious smoke. :grinning:

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Get a tds/ec meter. That’ll tell you how much “stuff” is still in your soil. Otherwise, I have no farther advice at this time.