I would like to grow outside if possible

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live in Southern Vermont (Wardsboro) and I would like to grow outside if possible, as I can’t afford to grow indoors.
We have finally gotten the first of spring and have daffodils but there is still snow in the woods.
Am I hoping for too much?

There are many growers here in the Northeast that grow outside. @Willd is an outdoor grower and might have some general advice. You would in all likelihood want to start indoors and move out for a jumpstart on the growing season.

Hi Zoe-
It’s not too late/early to start some seeds outside within the next couple of weeks. In this customer’s case I would go for auto-flowering strains because they mature much quicker than photo dependent strains.
Wardsboro, VT looks to be in Hardiness Zone 4b which experiences a little later last frost and earlier first frost than me here in Maine.
If they can start seedlings indoors in March or April they can grow Photos which generally speaking will get bigger and yield more outdoors than autos.

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