I would like to grow Amnesia haze

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m setting up a 4 X 4 room. And a 4 X 6 area. 400 watt lights in both. AC and venting. Is set into place. I would like to grow Amnesia haze. I only want one or two plants at a time. How would they do in 3 gal pots? Will they stay small under 40 inches?”

I would recommend using a 5 gallon pot rather than a 3 but I’m sure a lot of people are using 3 gallons without any issues.

You should be able to finish them around 40" tall. I’m assuming you are going with photo strains not autos. (photo strains won’t start flowering until you change your light cycle autos will automatically start flowering after a certain age)
If using photo strains you can train your plants so that they stay shorter. The amnesia haze strain is listed as a sativa dominant strain which typically grow taller. If trained properly you can keep it shorter and Bushier to try and get the plant to finish around 40" talk.

Hope this helps. Happy growing

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what type lights?

a 400 watt HID would fit a 3’ x 3’ area better…that comes out to 44 watts/sq ft…nearer to 50 watts/sq ft is recommended…in a 4’ x 4’ area 400 watts is 25 watts/sq ft.

If you use 2’ x 4’ of the area, 8 square ft, that’s the 50 watts target.

Vegetate a few weeks, switch to 12/12 early enough to take into account flowering stretch and maybe top to keep the plants short, bushy.

an LED 400 watt, equivalent to 150-160 watts, would have a slightly smaller footprint, 2’ x 2’+…

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Hi, thanks for the input. I’m just starting out. I’m not going big. But 2 maybe 3 plants max. The 4 X 4 area I want to uses for flowering. The other will be my work area. Seeding / vegetative area. Cloning area. That’s why I am playing with it. I fined cloning is something that I would like to try. Any input would be helpful. Thanks for your time.