I would like to find seeds for plants that can grow in imperfect conditions



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

In any case, I would like to find seeds for plants that can grow in imperfect conditions: Short but strong outdoor growing season; soil can be calciferous (white rock) but generally very good due to lots of naturally occurring nutrients; late spring, early winter with wind. I can also grow in side of a greenhouse, but the greenhouse will probably not be artificially heated or temperature-controlled.

The strain should be, I think, high in CBD or sativa…I don’t really know the difference, but I do not want to grow any plant that – when consumed – results in an overpowering high or a stoned feeling that leaves one sitting on the couch eating potato chips!


I can give you some basic parameters and a couple of suggestions. I have very similar growing conditions and I picked Hindu Kush and Afgooey. You need a fast flowering Indica. You need one that has held onto landrace traits like short height, thick stems and heavy resin production. The short height and deep root enables them to stand up to wind. The resin protects from the sun. Look for landrace strains from mountain areas like the Himalayas, Afghanistan, Pakistan or India. As for a high CBD one, you might look around for Medical Skunk as it grows fast while being tolerant of heat.


You might wanna look into autoflowering strains.

I grew White Widow autos outdoors last summer at 59 degrees north. Grew like champs in cold and rainy conditions. Sprouted and grew them 19 days indoors on a window sill, planted outside in 5g smartpots may19th and harvested sept 15th

Had to chop a little early due to bud rot, but I believe they would’ve been great in a greenhouse.

You get a nice 10+10 deal on them in the seedshop as well.