I would like some input on my grow room setup

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve Been Growing For About Two Years But I Haven’t Been Able To Get My Plants Big And Bushy, Within Those Two Years Of Growing I Haven’t Really Harvested Two Ounces. I Love Outdoor Growing But, I Also Want To Start Growing Indoors As Well. I Just Got Done Building A Cheap Grow Room Just To Start Out, It’s Not As Pretty As Yours Probably But It’s A Start. I Would Like some input on my Little Set Up. Hope To Hear Back From You Soon.

It’s a nice start…do you have more lights to put in the area as you and the plants progress?

Cannabis needs alotta light or all you will ever have is house plant pot, never High Times stuff, the stuff dreams are made of.

Maybe the fan is a little too big, right now, a small desktop, or smaller would work, to start.

I would line the floor with panda plastic build a pan the size of the floor keep plants further form fan and upgrade your light even going to 4 bulbs a socket using splitters would help we have a few members doing home made grow spaces using cfl’s maybe they will chime in

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I Plan On Adding More Lights Tomorrow But I’m Going To Swap Out The Fan With Two Small Desktop Fans. Will That Work?

Do I Need Co2 In My Grow Room & If So How Would I Accomplish This?

the fan is fine you just need more distance from it and should be aimed between lights and plants lightly moving canopy while circulating warmth from the lights

Yes, too much of a breeze is as bad or worse than none…it will dry the small plants, killing them. A small, oscillating type fan helps circulates air and makes the plant develop strong stems. One fan may work.
Aim for a light movement of air, small breeze, intermittent, like nature, not a strong, constant gust.

Co2 is not a need it’s a upgrade all you need is fresh air coming in from outside the room co2 is good for a sealed environment and most useful during flowering but at this stage wouldn’t be needed

Donaldj is a pro, listen to him

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My first suggestion, get rid of the Dallas hat and gloves! Haha just kidding! But from what I see you definitely have the space and potential to grow a nice crop. I would also suggest to get more lights, or better lighting. If you’re still a newish grower, then you shouldn’t really worry about CO2 right now, I’d be focused on better lighting and some panda film for added light reflection. You can buy the Y light bulb adapters at Home Depot, that would make you able to potential have 4 bulbs in each lamp. This is what they look like in case you didn’t know.

The black piece is just an extender for the sockets. Also with the Y adapter sockets.

Keep us updated!


Thanks Ktreez trying to remember who is doing similar set ups think @joshawa but been a few days since last post I read in budget grows

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Thanks For Your Help, I Really Appreciate It. I Will Be Posting More Updates On My Grow Room As It Progresses. I’m Going To Get To Work Right Now, I Hope You Both Have A Blessed Day & Thanks Again. #GodsSpeed

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wasn’t suggesting you aren’t right about fan but I suspect only so many plugs in range and making space for the bigger fan early means it is there later when it will be needed.Good air movement in a tight space gets very important during flower and when your plants are much bigger. If the fan is in there in right spot from start to finish you don’t have to adjust for it later when humidity climbs and bud rot is a risk also helps strengthen limbs just don’t want it too strong or direct when plants are young.

You should read some of the forum posts we do have members growing in similar conditions and may save you a few questions :slight_smile:

Is There A Certain Voltage Bulb I Need & Any Nutrients You Best Prefer. For My Last Grow I Used Jungle Juice.

And good for growers to know there are many ways to set up and achieve a good grow, we learn as they do, too.

I Will Definitely Get Right On It.

I personally love HID lights but they may not be good for you or in your budget atm cfl’s do a fine job in small spaces but if you wanted to go a 400 watt hid with a cool tube would be optimum. Lighting depends on your footprint long term goals and budget more than anything if you plan to use space repeatedly things like that factor. I like no less than 40 watts per foot with cfl’s you go by true watts not rated to replace.
Jungle juice is a good starting line simple 3 part go to General hydro’s website if you need feeding schedules they are a knock off of flora series :wink:

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A lot of people use Roberts Nutrients, and they seem to work great. I personally use the Fox Farm trio nutrients. I don’t have a preference since this is my first and only true grow, so I can’t advise you on what’s “better”. But I can tell you that your best bet is probably Roberts nutrients. No idea of light bulb voltage, but I can recommend you get some 6500k CFL bulbs, wattage at around 25-36. That way you could put 4 bulbs in one lamp to maximize light output. You could go from 2 bulbs to 8 bulbs with a couple Y adapters and new bulbs!

most house hold cfl’s are 23 watts each so you can put 4 per socket safely much more and you risk tripping breakers on start up :slight_smile:

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