I wont be buying seeds here any longer

350.00 dollars in seeds, i got 10seeds each of 3 strains and got 6 successful seeds.
waste of time and money.


Hmm sounds like your doing something wrong mate p.s. they do guarantee germination an will send you replacements


it does sound like im doing something wrong unfortunately its not my first rodeo.

Are you following the ILGM germination guide?
I’ve got a 100% germination rate - after the seed pops it’s all on the grower and not ILGM.
Customer Service would be the proper outlet for complaints - the forum is for growing advice.
I’d suggest contacting customer service before bashing a brand on their own site. You’re not likely to find similar experiences here.

Welcome to the forum and I hope everything works out for you!


its frustrating

Where did u get ur seeds from

Welcome to the community ! What method are you using to germinate your seeds ?


I use sticky seeds in the uk ive never had a problem and there prices are great

Look as much as i like ilgm i have seen many other post about the same thing ,but ive never had a problem with this as i dont buy my seeds from here

You only had six seeds germinate or six to grow? Big difference. And if it was a failure to thrive (seeds germinate and then die) that would more than likely be a fault of the grower or environment.

That being said, I have planted seeds from ILGM that did not germinate and they made it good. The plants that died later I did not worry them about because it was me, not the seeds…


It’s like Amazon reviews - 50% love it, 50% hate it.

EVERY seedbank site out there you’re gonna find the same post - “My seeds didn’t sprout” “My seeds are crap” and then “These seeds are the best” and “100% Germination - you guys rock”.
So who do you believe?

Sometimes in life we actually have to take responsibilities for our own actions and deeds - not everything is someone else’s fault.


Well look this happens i think its a bit both no one can guarantee all good seeds i dont care who u are and yes it maybe that something has gone wrong with germination process who knows ,as we all know its a game of chance when buying seeds you may get all good ones or u may get a few that dont pop up for whatever reason we just have take it on the chin



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See i love growing autos all thou im thinking about doin photos next time for a change ,i guess u dont send to Australia

I’m assuming regular and not feminized? That’s not a bad deal though…

I will keep that in mind thanks

@Anishnabee have you contacted customer service for replacement seeds?


@Covertgrower With him/her only active 19 minutes, I wouldn’t expect a reply.

@Aussie_autos If you don’t want to get banned, I would leave buying seeds from a member here. Its against the rules and I can tell you it will be swift and fast. Just a PSA. :+1::+1::+1:


A f-ing men! Personal RESPONCBILITY dosent exsist anymore.


They’re silenced for now, until they read community guidelines, @MrPeat