I wonder how many more weeks?

I wonder how many more weeks until completion.
Starting to move kind of quickly now but I see it every day. I think it’s probably five or six more weeks at least. This one is just starting to come into its own. And this one was not doing very well as a youngster. So how many more weeks what do you all think?


With just the photos posted, 5-6 weeks. Preflowers usually start 2-3 weeks. These look about a week further along.


How long do u veg Blue dream cannabis in amended soil

These plants popped April 10

Around 2 months left


You are probably so correct. Time will tell.

The question is, when did they go into flower?

It will also depend on the effect you’re looking for out of them. Harvested early will give you more of the sativa feel, harvested at peak will give you the strains true effect, and harvested late will give you that couch lock effect. Personally, I like the couch lock. So, between 6-9 weeks for peak effect, 9+ weeks for the couch lock effect. Other than that, they are looking nice man. Keep up the good work.

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Flip flower on the 15th. May

Looks sativa dominant so I agree with :point_up_2: