I won a 420 scavenger hunt

I would like to point out that my AC Infinity cloud tent and filter/ fan combo are doing great.
I have the fan set at 60% humidity so it won’t go any higher and my temp is staying 75- 79 degrees.

I put up my “prize” as well. My 4x4 vivosun tent is quite efficient doing what it is intended to do but the A C infinity…wow

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Try to put it together and attempt to install it. I finally found. A good reason I married

I won another damn contest on Facebook. I won some Chem OG whatever that is. Probably the same stuff I find growing in the ditch.
We don’t have much weed where I’m from


That’s a good strain. It’s a cross of chemdog and og kush. Sativa dominant.

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40 years ago my friend, his mom and I were doing some field work out in the country. I was around 15. We found a plant growing in the ditch and picked all the leaves off it and dried it under the bed.
Didn’t know shit about buds. Lol

I’ve won stuff I don’t know what’s what. All the seeds I get is for novelty use so I feel like Danny divito in The Godfather or something. Where is Latka when you need him? Wish I could put a gif here

Let me get this for you :fire:

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Day 17

Somewhere along the line I repotted my girls in 5 gallon cloth pots. White Widow Auto has some weird leaves. I’ve been using RO water, about 2 quarts per bag daily along the outside wall.
I used a weak solution of Big Bloom for 3 days or so but used 4 ounces daily in each smaller pot.

Gold Leaf auto looks excellent. Growing the fifth tier of leaves. All of them are.

Gorilla Gue female photo is looking good. Im praying that everyone will get along and not make a fuss in the coming days.

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Not sure what day yet. Spent a few days in the hospital for my condition.

This is my Goldie. (Gold leaf) pretty neat. Looks a little like sativa. LST’d to get the colas even. Topped and put in soil. Looks different than anything I’ve grown before. I’m excited.

My Girlie Girl. (Gorilla Glue photo). First photo. I’m waiting for her for when I switch to 12/12. Looks different than anything I’ve grown before. I’m excited.

Wonderful Ruth (White Widow). My old standby. My third attempt of taming her. I pray she goes through glory. I topped her and put the remainder in soil.
If these tops of the plants die, that’s the end of this episode of “Cloning From Autos”.

I don’t know if you can clone autos.
I don’t know how to clone.
Maybe next grow.

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I believe this is GL. I’ve LSTd her to the point of breaking. Keeping her below the light with ruthie.

I’mhoping this is ruthie.

Girlie girl is along for the ride. Probably blow pollen at a critical time.
I’m sticking with autos.



Ruthie? Or the top of Goldie.

Bud sructure

Using cal mag in RO water. Next feeding on Tuesday maybe will be 3rd application of open sesame.

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Gold Leaf Bud Building


A very beautiful gold leaf that is getting quite a bit of tricomes activity that I’m really excited about.

Ruthie being ruthie. No excitement any more. Still good for a thrill though.

Girley girl still trying to grow balls. I’ll let her do her thing.

This photo will not do this lollipop justice.


Pretty photos of tricomes development on my ILGM gold leaf auto. What a pretty plant and a joy to grow.

Working on a yard long super bud as thick as my wrist with zero stem.

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Been 3 weeks since I posted. Going to try to go week to week with a paint stirrer

Last Sunday

I’m praying for an increase in the next month.
One is gold leaf auto. The other is white widow auto