I woke up to this


CBD Sweet Nurse Auto
Promix Organic seedling soil
Have been misting once a day pH 6.5
In my desk green house RH 79-80%
Temps 25 26 day 20 night. On warming mat
Under 23 watt cfl
This is the starting of my 4th grow. I can germinate but can’t seem to keep them alive after that. Once I get past the seedling stage everything goes relatively smooth. Find cloning much easier but want to grow some autos as well. Why can’t I keep seedlings alive. Very frustrating and costly.


@HJL hi there it looks like there are doing what is called damping off how much are you watering or feeding?


No nutes. Light mist twice day. @Johnzy81


And that’s it no water feeding at all @HJL do you do anything in particular with your soil before planting?


@Johnzy81 is on point
Get lights closer and try propping up with sticks it looks like it may not be to late
You definitely had a dampening off situation


It’s just Promix Organic seedling soil that I add a little perlite to. I don’t water I have a spray bottle and spray her twice. Morning and evening or when soil looks and feels dry.


I use same method
Get a few stuck and try supporting them get lights closer as well how far away are they now


Add a small fan after you prop them up to strengthen stem. You can pile soil up about 1 or 2 inches from your small round feeder leaves to provide support as well


@Sirsmokes @Johnzy81 @Countryboyjvd1971
Just got home from work and my little girl was standing up straight again. Before I left I had misted her well and put her under a brighter light. Thanks for all your insight. Hopefully she will move forward from here. Going to put her in her final home a three gallon fabric pot.


I’d suggest using at least 5 gallon, unless it is an auto or you’re trying to keep it small for some reason.


I think he has a small grow space. 3 gallon is fine. I will be following this too, in order to see how it turns out.

I use a rockwool cube, then into a 1 gallon plastic nursery pot for 1/2 of veg, and then into 3 or 5 gallon cloth pot for end of veg, and flower to finish.

Is this a clone?


Looks like too much water @HJL give them some time to dry out… sometimes it’s better to be a little dry so the roots seek and grow… too wet in those jiffy pots is your issue.


@3high5you @latewood @Zombo @3high5you

It is an auto. I use 3 gallon fabric pots for my auto’s and 5 gallon for my photo’s. It is not a clone. I have success with clones. It’s just the seedling to veg I seem to have problems with. If I’m going to kill a plant it is in that time frame. I don’t water at all at this stage. I just mist with my water spray bottle with 6.5 ph’d water. This is her on the left when I got home. Like I said all I did is put her under a stronger light and misted her about 10 hours ago. The one on the right is my Island Bubba photo that was a bag seed. Hopefully it is a girl.



If it’s not too much water, the light may need to be closer… haven’t read your thread entirely. The pics you just posted just look like the girls are stretching… hope this helps @HJL


Looks like they’re stretching a bit. More light and a bit of air movement to strengthen those stems might be beneficial. Looking good now though! :smiley:


That’s great to hear keep the light in position and support them and get your fan going things should be fine @HJL a great team effort all :+1:


I, for real, just went “WOOHOO!” when I read that she stood back up! This place rocks! All the help one could ever ask for, from cool people, too.


My son almost died when he was born, two knots in his cord, and he about wrapped it around his neck on the way out. Nature is weird. She’ll be fine.


For seedlings I use a tray and dome just like cloning to keep the humidity up and you won’t have much problem. I use a heat mat under the tray with water in it. My seeds sit in the root riots and stay nice and wet. You won’t need to water for days plus I use a 2 bulb flouresent light and put it right on top of the dome. Works every time


They both look fine to me. Seedlings sometimes look weird at first. Keep