I was Wondering

Can you put 2 to 3 autoflower seeds in ONE 5 gallon pot?? I would like to try just to see what may come of it

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Not advised
They will just roo bind and strangle each other. Although there is a grower growing 3 plants in a large pot?? 25 gal maybe? He was having trouble with one though, his others looked good tho.

Its worth a shot but id go all out and do 3 in like a 15 or 20 gal fabric pot. Use lst to train them outwardly and might work. No need for it but might be a fun growlog.


I agree with everything @Silverback said if you are growing because you really need the medicine then I wouldn’t attempt it. If you just want to experiment to see what happens, could be interesting. :+1:


yea that does make since

I would have to echo what the above have said :v:

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Got same idea negative

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