I was wondering when the best time to put plants into bud is?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have three plants that will be a year old the beginning of November, I was wondering when the best time to put them into bud is? They are indoor plants.

Wow a year old. Are they mother plants? Do you clone? any time you want just switch the lights to 12on 12off and they will start.

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@Smokin_ernie took the words right out of my mouth
A year is a long time to keep plants in veg unless your keeping them as mother plants
Indoors most strains can be put into flower around six weeks from seed
So as stated any time yor ready switch to 12-12
How big are they
A few pictures would be good as well


Yes they are mother plants and I have been able to get between 20 and 30 clones thus far. I do have pictures as well. What do you guys think?

the first one is God’s Gift, the second is Blueberry and the third is wedding cake


I just switched to 12 - 12 last night. How long do they usually take to fully bud?

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Flowering usually takes 8-12 weeks before you can harvest. You should start to see buds forming in about a week or 2, maybe 3

@Aolelon answered your question
They will take at least two weeks to start flowering after switching to 12-12 and at least 12 weeks to fully develop maybe linger to finish properly @Kelly420
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Thank you for your input. The girls have been on 12/12 for a week now. They are starting to show the white pistels and are beginning to have an oder. Do I have to use fertilizer? I don’t want the buds to taste funny, so if I do how long before prunning do I start to flush them?