I was wanting to grow some medical marijuana for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I was wanting to grow some medical marijuana for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer and will have to have chemo and the likes. I just thought I could help him out abit with pain relief by making some CBD oil or even some edibles.

I have started making a small grow room to do this. I have a vipspectra 450w led light an exhaust fan and a few other pieces of equipment to do so.

In answer to question ‘what is my biggest problem right now is’ I guess it is what strain is best for this purpose. What is the best ratio of THC to CBD is best 1:1 or something higher like eg 2:1. Is higher CBD better than higher THC or vice versa.


It really depends on what you are looking for. If you go into ilgm seed shop they have descriptions for the beans in the medical area. If not some others will be getting up and active here shortly.

Strain will not matter it’s the thc to cbd ratio has to be 1:1 for best results my mom’s liver cancer was terminal and i made full extract cannabis oil with everclear. I did mine with white widow and critical mass and supplemented with 3000mg of good store bought cbd oil. She has the most aggressive liver cancer you can get but doing this it took the big spot from a 50 cent size and make it shrink to a little bigger than a quarter. The doctors asked what we are doing. And just said ohh. But we were able to get on this pretty early to but still scary when 4 different doctors tell that your mom has 9 months to live. I posted a video and information on the book i read in my other post if you check it out hope this wil help you.
My mom choose not to do chemotherapy because cancer usually comes back she’s doing microwave treatments for the spots on her liver.

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@MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 these two guys should be able to help you out. Good luck growing

I would say you want both the gold leaf we have is high in both and the best way to maximize the use of intake is in a recipe I will give you It is a coconut-based oil you can make edibles with you can use it topically and oral most potent

When done correctly, this recipe will take 10 days

First you must decarboxylate your raw material. Use the whole plant minus the roots. This will give you the highest medicinal effect.

Heat oven to 200-212 degrees. Put desired plant material in a mason jar and seal the top. Put jar in oven for 45 minutes.
After decarboxylation remove from oven and let it cool over night. This will allow the terpenes to absorb into the plant material.

Fill this jar with Organic Coconut Oil. Fill to the top of the jar covering all the plant material.
Cook in a water bath at 118 degrees for 5 days. Stir occasionally.
Remove from water bath and filter Coconut Oil. Squeeze the material to remove all the oil.
Re-fill the jar with new oil and heat for an additional 3 days. Remove from water bath and filter.

Now add Sunflower liquid Lecithin. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to one cup of coconut oil.

This can be used as an oral or topical solution. Enjoy.

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You should join the forum and we would love to help you with your grow start to finish all free and fun we have great staff and the greatest members all willing to help a friend

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Can you please give me the link for coconut oil as well???

Sorry I got excited and didn’t notice the recipe in the post.:innocent:

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All good in joy it will get you hospital high if you are not careful

I would definitely defer to the others involved here for a strain recommendation.

I’ve been trying my hand at RSO. It’s tricky to do small batches of it.

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I just want to say that you are awesome. You Dad is in good hands.

I had fun with it but I am all pressing rosin now clean and no chemicals :wink: