I was thinking of using a 4 gallon tall instead of 5 Gal next grow

I used a 2 gallon fabric this time and during flower I was watering almost every other day. I was thinking a deeper and larger pot might hold water longer. Has anybody grown using the tall fabric pots 14.5HX9D? Would this be too tall for a 63 inch tent if I only grew one plant of an autoflower?

I would go wider before I go taller. Spreading out the roots seemed to help for me. I had fabric pots, (5 gallon) I actually rolled down to half. Now they’re short and wide…. 3 gallon is plenty for an auto, I exclusively use 3 gallon for everything in an inside grow. Seems to do great. Your grow may vary.


I use the 5 gallon bags. First plant got tall and almost unmanageable. I think due to the 5 gallon bag. Never thought about just rolling the edge down. Gonna try this next grow.

Thanks. Just planning ahead. Do you think 2 three gallon would be ok in a 27x27x63. I have four two gallon now and it is so so tight.

I think you are doing fine with the 2 gallons. It’s tight, sure, but you’re utilizing your space efficiently. If you can see the floor, it’s wasted light.
I definitely support the smaller container, more plants as long as you can maintain good watering practices.


This is what the small tent looks like with 4 two gallons. Day 70 from sprout. I have to remove the front to water the back. The front left pH run off was two low so I have been working on the CalMag issue oh it is GGAF for ILGM

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I would defoliate some, especially the lower half. I’m not sure how you water, but I use a pressure sprayer with a wand. It helps me reach the back ones with out moving them around. Other than the issues you mentioned, they look good. No wasted light there.


Another good motto “wasted light”. I also learned “Perpetual grow” today thanks and stay safe