I was thinking of trying this mixed with ffof

Mother Earth Pro Mixed Coco Coir Plus Perlite Potting Soil Compaction Resisted Cocoa Growing Medium High Aeration and Drainage Coco Coir Blend Soil, [Bundled with Garden Gloves], 50 Liters

Would that be a good mix? Or are there better soils out there?

I mix 1 block of coir with 1.5 cu ft bag of OF and also add 2-3 qts of perlite. Once hydradated, buffered and dried the block = 8 quarts. This translates to about 20 - 25% coco. It looks like ME uses longer stranded, chunkier coco which I like

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What is the process of buffered and dried? How many pots does 8qt fill? I use 3 gal pots.

I soak the coir in a gallon of water with 5 ml of calmag. This the buffering part. Coco likes calcium so this provides it so it does not take from other nutrient sources. 3 gallons would be 12 quarts. I like the longer stranded / chunkier coco. The last blocks I got were processed down to fine (burbee organic). I like the sound of the ME coco bails