I was not ready for this

I have a photoperiod plant flowering at 3 weeks 4 days since it popped above the soil. I ordered Do-si-dos Feminized (pack of 10). The lights have been running 18/6. I have 2 plants from the same batch in the same tent. The other plant seems to be happy in veg stage. Should I give special treatment to the flowering plant that may hinder the development of the other plant or continue with veg stage as is? 36"x20" tent with 2 lights. I can lower the one over the flowering plant as recommended by the light manufacturer or just let things be? Do I need to give flowering nutes so early? FF happy frog soil.

I guess I could get rid of the flowering plant which may not produce much and let the other plant veg longer. I have no idea which way to go.

Just grow it out by the looks of things you may of got a auto seed in ur pack


Id let it go 18/6 could produce a lot. Probably an auto.
Keep vegging the rest. Give some light and watch it stretch.


Like @DRsDank said, an auto seed could have made it in the bunch. Photos shouldn’t flower on 18/6. If she’s healthy let her ride. You can flip to 12/12 when you are ready to flower your others and it should keep flowering fine.


Don’t throw it out. Let her go as she is doing fine. Like others said you may have got an auto and if so she will do fine even when you flip the lights. Not like it is a male…

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Let it go it will stack up nicely be patient my friend happy growing

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Autos grow at 18/6 let em all grow together.

Yes let her grow. She with produce really nice bud for you on 18 6 light schedule. :money_mouth_face:

You might want to take a few of them leaves that are touching the soil off, and start your flowering nutrients, maybe half strength to start. Just watch them, and if you have any questions just ask, someone will give you the assistance you need.

Same as all of the above. I’ll add
Nutrient wise the two need to go their separate ways. Flower nutrients for the flower girl and continue with veg nutes for the other.
Keep them on 18/6 until you are ready for the photoperiod to flower. Then change to 12/12. The auto will do fine on 12/12. If you can increase DLI at flip it would help both.
A bit of a pain have to manage nutes differently but I think that is your best bet for getting the most out of both.

Thanks to everyone. I will let her grow and switch to flowering nutes. This is my first grow, thought I was ready. Time to start searching threw the auto forum. Thanks again.


Def keep her. ALL my grows have auto mixed in my big veg tent. Unless im switching big tent to photo…this round…I move photo to another flowering tent. If flower in big1 the light change does not hurt the auto. I
Just givem more light.