I was busted for this in 1976

G’day everyone. Started soaking my seeds tonight after receiving them in the post today. How good is that, in the middle of a pandemic and ILGM gets seeds here in a flash. I had to smile tonight as I placed my seeds in a small heated glass germination box. As a teenager I was steered into growing weed. I didn’t even smoke then, so the drive was purely greed driven. We were going to be millionaires (me and my mate). We lived on anything from a can you could buy such as peas, beans and soup. We saved the cans and they were our germination pots. To cut to the chase, I (not we by the way) got busted for having 78 seedlings in my room. Haha, I remember how scared I was that I might end up in prison. In reality, it was a slap on the wrist offence for a teen in those days. So here I am 44 years later trying again. Never give up trying :wink:


Welcome to modern day growing😁 , if you have any questions throw some @ s out and you’ll find someone thatll help ya, good luck with your growings, p.s. you may not wanna start with 78 seedlings


Welcome Turtle

Welcome to the community! Hopefully you have a better start this time… lol. Happy growing.

Thanks for the friendly welcome everyone. I plan to do some occasional updates on progress. Only a few plants this time around, definitely not 78 like last time :rofl:


Welcome to the community

Thanks for the welcome D6. :smiley:

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Welcome @Turtle. And good morning to you.

I towed a car once, where the driver was busted for possession, he showed up at the impound yard wanting his “personal stuff”, he was granted access, the first thing he did was to reach way up under his dash, and pulled out a BIG surprise! A pound of weed! He was more worried about the weed than the car he left there for a week.
He said the cops searched his car and he thought they may found it and kept it!
He sure came to life the moment his reaching hand felt the plastic bag! It was if he drank a cup of instant happy!
The year was 1979.


Wow no wonder he got busted , he had no subtlety at all.

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Thanks Mark. It’s evening here but I hope you have a good day. Thanks for the welcome.

Lol, good tale Shatter. That guy got a lucky break. A real good news story. These days a dog would sniff it out lol.


Yeah GS, at 17 subtlety wasn’t a consideration :rofl: we did some dumb shit. We lined it all up along the window sill to catch the midday rays. As chance had it, the Sheila (woman) living in the unit under me was dating a cop. He was hanging around waiting for her to get out of the shower one day and looked up to see our crop in the window :joy: the rest is history. We were just young idiots I guess :thinking::laughing:


Welcome, Turtle. Best of luck.

Thanks for the welcome ADA

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I like a good comeback story! Tagging along!

G’day everyone, I am a little bit out of my depth on the forum. I have no idea how to add entries into the grow journal, so in desperation I have replied to my own post lol. I hope someone can set me straight on how to…
So the seeds have had a good soak, approx 2 1/2 days in the end. I had them in cotton wool pads with a germination heating pad under the germination box to keep them cozy. Last night I carefully placed the seeds in some potting mix to do the full germination thing (the seeds have only just cracked the shells). Again, I have placed the potted seeds in the heated germination box until I see one of them pop their head up. At that stage I will put the germination box under lights. I decided to go with Critical Mass CBD Auto for my primary venture. I soaked 5 seeds to cover for blunders and losses. I am hoping that I end up with at least 3 healthy plants, but in any case, I have 5 chances to get it right (unless I have a total disaster). A couple of pics are attached to get the ball rolling.

Regards, Turtle


Autos should be planted into their final pots just because they are on a tight schedule so as little stress as possible is best but if you wanna do the solo cup method then I recommend getting the free xtreme gardening sample box( usually only like 8$ in shipping) and treating the roots with azos and mykos when you transplant so they recover quickly and yes replying is how you add to your journal

These look pretty wet, I would recommend moist, not wet.

Thanks for the tips GS. I will look around for that. I hadn’t considered the different treatment for autos, just too excited to get started I guess :wink: