I want to try dwc

I want to try dwc but not sure how to start,I have clones,but where and what do I do next? What do I put clones into to root?

You need a food grade 5 gallon bucket for each clone.
Each bucket will require the following

An aspiring hydro grower needs to know to gather some tools. You need:
PH meter
TDS/EC meter;
Ph down. (usually water PH is too high)
PH up (for when you put too much PH down in solution)
A simple and easy to use nutrients system
An air compressor capable of providing oxygen to all buckets. ( You could buy several single aquarium air pumps, and air stones)
I recommend buying a commercial air compressor with up to 12 outlet manifold. (make sure pump can provide necessary air)

Measuring implements of various size and vessels to allow for mixing (all to be determined by need)

. I am always around here for clarification. Happy growing

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Read and get educated. DWC is amazing, WHEN it is working…you have an immediate impact on the plant, a teaspoon of nutrients can upset the balance required and harm or kill it or be just what it needs.

And with everything marijuana, there are different ways to solve one problem. As a beginner, you would have to choose your response to a diagnosis made long distance that depends on you giving all the factors involved.

DWC requires time to balance everything…you could go to work and come home to plants with their roots sitting in an acid or alkaline solution, dying.

There is a lot of science involved, more so than putting a seed in dirt outside and watching it grow. I am trying DWC indoors for the first time and learning and reading constantly…the only reason my plants are alive is because of the time spent on them.

But, they are alive, small still but thriving (I hope). Best wishes on your grow! :smiley:

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That helps,how about,what size net pots should I be using a d what type of nutrients should be used? I’m used to dirt and is pretty easy to work with,do I dump all.veg nutrients and switch to bloom or what?

I would recommend the 6" net pots for your DWC buckets.
For nutrients, I use Fox Farm trio nutrients, for hydro. But here at ILGM they sell a great nutrient line as well! It’s really up to you what company you decide to go with.
When in veg you’ll be giving nutrients into the DWC bucket. When you wish to switch the light cycle and put your plant into flower is when you would change out the water from the DWC bucket, and replace with new water and fresh flower nutrients. You’ll want to follow the feeding schedule that your nutrient company tells you. It’s pretty simple if you ask me, but can easily be complicated.
Always keep in mind that you’ll have to be changing out your DWC water weekly! So you’ll want your buckets in a spot where you can easily work with them. You’ll also have to check on them at least once every day to check water level, water temps, and pH of water. If you have the time to spend on DWC, do it, it’s totally worth it.
After my first attempts I’ve decided to ditch soil completely and become a hydroponic grower. My plants have never grown faster, or bigger in such a short amount of time, it’s truly incredible.


Now that helps me a ton,thank you. What size plant can I expect to grow in this way?

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Also I understand the pH,but why is it when I set it to 6.5 then add nutrients it goes down? Do I leave it alone or do I raise back up to 6.5

You want your pH to be at 5.8-6.0
Your nutrients will ALWAYS change the pH of your water, so you must make sure to fix the pH after adding nutrients! I personally check my pH twice every day. It usually levels out after the first couple days of fresh water and nutes.
And as far as how big your plants will grow to be? That all comes down to you, your experience, your seed genetics, and the equipment and tools you have/use. This is my first ever DWC grow, and I just started with soil 6 months ago. So being a newbie, I’ve managed to get my Blueberry to already be 3’ tall. She’s been in her DWC bucket for 4 weeks now, and the growth is incredible! I have a plant growing in soil that was planted 2 months ago. My Blueberry is already bigger than her. And that’s why I’m going to hydro lol


Thanks Trees,can I also crop her as she grows? Man oh man is this fun

Sorry, ktreez

You can call me treez or ktreez it’s ok haha!
And yess, you can definitely top her! You can top, fim, LST, SCROG, or any other technique!
I have been topping my Blueberry for the past week, and she’s still growing like crazy! I’m so in love with her it’s not healthy lol! If I wasn’t topping I think she’d be at least 4’ already. Incredible plant.
You’ll get to see for yourself once you get your plants going. If you want to top you definitely can!


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In a six inch basket? That’s crazy. I have almost all my stuff ready to go,how would you suggest I handle clones? I’m trying to say I normally cut clones and root in happy frog,so how should I do it now that it’s going into liquid? It’s perfectly normal,I have a beautiful juicy fruit and feel the same,lol

So for clones now, you’ll want to either get a humidity dome, or buy a cloner system. Or, if your crafty, you can make a little DWC for clones!
I’m in the process now of designing a DWC for clones. Where you cut the clones, put them into the DWC, and in a week they’re bursting with roots and ready to go into a 5 gallon DWC bucket.
Here’s a link for one that you can buy, but if you look at its design you can see how easy it would be to DIY.

That is a great unit,I can for sure make one of those. What type of tds unit would you recommend I buy?

I bought mine off amazon for like $20 and it came with a pH pen.
Before I bought this combo pack I had bought a single TDS pen. The single was better because it has a temperature option to read water temps. The combo pack TDS meter only reads TDS.
Go on Amazon, check them out and read reviews, make your best decision lol


Will do,have the pH meter so I’ll look for the single,damn I’m getting close to blast off

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Here is the link to the exact TDS meter I have.

Thanks KTreez, I’m making a journey drive to a hydro shop tomorrow to buy last remaining elements,what is the nutes you went with?

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I went with Fox Farms trio pack.
It’s their Grow Big hydro nutrient mix, Big Bloom nutrient mix, and Tiger Bloom nutrient mix.
Make sure if you’re getting this trio pack, that you’re buying the hydro pack. They have a soil pack as well!
One thing I would comment on; when using for DWC, the Big Bloom nutrient mix makes your water cloudy. Don’t worry. It will also cause root staining. Again, don’t worry. It’s a natural thing that happens with this nutrient mix because of its organic composition. At first, I thought it was slime and the beginning of root rot! But after a few days the nutrients settle, the roots whiten, and water is clear. I was so worried before, but now I’m so happy. My roots are growing like crazy, and all of my roots have little roots growing off of the main roots. I contacted Fox Farms directly to ask them about the Big Bloom nutrient mix, and they said not to worry when using in DWC. But, if you want to avoid that, you can buy a different companies Big Bloom nutrient mix. Latewood recommended one to me, because he said he also had root staining from Fox Farms and other companies as well. The only product he said didn’t cause the murky water or slime like substance, was “Botanicare Pure Blend Pro”.

I recommend when you go to the hydro shop, explain your story and let them know you’re a newbie and looking for good nutrients, that aren’t difficult to use. Also, don’t let him think you’re an idiot and don’t know anything. Nutrients are expensive, but some stores jack up there prices like crazy! If he or she is a good store owner, they’ll get you started with little or no problems.


That’s where I will start then,man you have been a huge help to me, I truely appreciate your patience

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