I want to take plants out of a greenhouse, and put them under lights!?!


Thanks @PurpNGold74!!! Sounds like good ideas!!!


Hey, how r u guys doing? @PurpNGold74, @raustin, @blackthumbbetty, @skgrower or anybody else… If the ph of your soil was at 5.5 what would u make the ph of your water??? And what ph are you aiming for, or what would you most like your ph to be? 6.5, 6.6, 6.7? perhaps lower for some reason? Thanks


In soil, you want to aim for 6.5, but anywhere between 6.3 and 6.8 is ok. If my Ph was 5.5 I would flush with 7.0 until I got a Ph of 6.3 runoff.


Thanks @raustin, I must not be thinking correctly about it… if my soil is at 5.5 and I wanted to be at 6.5, I would make my water 7.5… As I think, off the top of my head, 6.5 is the ave. or in the exact middle of 5.5 and 7.5… I think this is correct… Maybe it does not work that way when trying to correct ph…? Or maybe my math is incorrect… Maybe i need to find another article to read, about this??? lol


No, you’re right, however, you don’t want to use water at 7.5 because it’s just too much of a shock to go that high. That’s why I suggest ph-ing at 7.0 instead and only go up to 6.3 at first. When ph is that out of whack, then it’s best to adjust in two stages. First flush, get it up to 6.3, then a few days later you can go to 6.5.

Does that make sense?


Yes, it does, if 7.5 is too much of a shock… It might not be too much of a shock to my plants though, as before I had a ph meter, I was using spring water that tests out at about 7.5 or so… Although now I have been adjusting water to about 6.5, for weeks now… So, might be too much of a shock to them now, I guess… Now, it appears my soil is lower ph than I thought it was though… lol Thanks @raustin!!!


Hey, @PurpNGold74, @raustin, @blackthumbbetty and anybody else that might be interested… I have another beginner type questions for ya. Does everyone use Cal/Mag and nutes at the same time? Or maybe just use the Cal/Mag on seedlings and young plants, before u start using nutes? I use General Hydro. nutes, and I was reading what is in them, and seems like some of them have quite a bit of Cal. and Mag in them already… Might be too much to use the nutes and Cal/Mag at the same time? The company I got my ph up and down… from says, it makes pot plants grow great to use the Cal/Mag and the nutes at the same time…!!! What do u folks think? Do any of u folks use General Hydro nutes by chance?


Yes, I believe all nute lines have calcium and magnesium in their nutes, but not everyone needs to use Cal-Mag. I only started using it myself since I got my new light. Mostly people who use R/O water need it, but not if you use city water or well water, there’s plenty of cal Mag in it already.

As for using them at the same time, I don’t think it makes a difference. I don’t think you can add too much Cal-Mag, the lants just love the stuff. I don’t use general hydro, I use Foxfarm and I add lots of Cal-Mag.

I don’t think I answered your question. Lol


Thanks @raustin! Yea, That is a good answer! U do use Cal/Mag and ur nutes at the same time, and it works good for u… I assume ur nutes have a bunch of Cal. and Mag. in them like mine…, but i don’t know…

Ah, what kind of water? R/O water? I heard that before, but not sure what that is? Read it before, I should say actually… lol

Oh the other thing that concerned me was that the Bloom City, ((I had to go look at the bottles to get the name), lol) Cal./Mag has a lot more, (twice as much, I think) Cal. in it than the other one I looked up, which was General Hydro… Maybe what Bloom City told me is true, that pot plants just seem to love lots of Cal. and Mag…, and it will make them grow great…? Thanks again!!!


R/O Water is reversed osmosis, it is essentially pure water with nothing in it, so it reads 0 PPM. That’s why you have to add Cal Mag to it.


ha,ha,ha… Ok, I surely am not using that kind of water!!! Have’nt even gotten to the point of looking up what ppm and ec my plants or soil should be yet… Read the instructions and was like, “Yea, ok but what should it be at for ppm and ec…???” It did not say in the instructions… So, I have not tested for those yet… lol Thanks again @raustin!!!


PPM is real easy. You can find out what it should be by looking at your nute feeding schedule.


Well, I hope it is not too important… I have not done it yet. I think I have to read up on it a bit, and get an idea about what it is, and how it works, and everything… Ph, is something I knew of, and what it is, and how it works, for years now…, but not these ppm and ec things… Thanks!!!


Ah, Is this ppm and/or e.c. stuff important? Is this something I need to get a handle on asap? lol


It’s something that will help you farther dial in your grow. Ph is waaay more important, to start. Ph determines what your plants are able to absorb/use. EC will tell you how much stuff is in your h20/nute solution/grow medium, which will help tell you how hungry or full your plant is (to simplify it).


The ladies have u covers bud. Hows it going thi. Sorry. Cant seem to keep my activity up. Hows everything in your world?


Hey @PurpNGold74, Good to hear from ya…! Goin pretty good… Still gotta get some more seeds… Not sure what to get. Was tryin to find an Auto that does not flower super fast, so hopefully I could get them to branch out before they go to flower, but was looking for one that has pretty good yield, and also having a shorter flowering period than some… Asking a lot, I suppose! lol Seems like most of the ones with the shorter flower period, also have a very short veg. period…?

@raustin, @blackthumbbetty Does anyone know of a good auto strain that has a shorter flower period, but does not have a very short, 2 week, veg. period?

Hows ur plants going? What was that subject/topic where u post the pics on again? Was wanting to check up on ya over there the other day… Should have book marked it… or something.

@raustin,@blackthumbbetty, Say, I was wondering how often everyone feeds nutes? Every other watering, every watering…??? Depends on what brand of nutes maybe…? Thanks for the advice again!!!


Sounds like you should try photos rather than autos, but i’m no expert on autos, so i’ll let @blackthumbbetty take that one.

As for nutes, I like to feed once a week if i’m doing soil. I will do a water, water, feed schedule, and that’s at full strength. Right now my grow is in Promix which requires more diligent feedings, so it’s a feed, water, feed, water schedule.


Thanks @raustin!!! Is it ok to feed every watering, at beginning of feeding, to try and get these little girls going better? Or is that bad for them??? Or just will not help them?


I don’t think you want to feed every time, you’re asking for serious nute burn if you do that. They need plain water too. What kind of soil are you using?