I want to take plants out of a greenhouse, and put them under lights!?!

I want to take some little auto flower plants out of a green house and put them under lights tomorrow!!! It is ok to do that, I believe. Right?

Can I just take them out of the green house and put them under lights for 20 hours a day right off the batt? Would that be a good amount of light, or does that sound like to much or maybe not enough? Any suggestions? Or do I need to ramp up to the amount of light that I really want to have them on, since they have been in real sun for about a month or so, their whole lifes. Not enough real sun either!!! They are only 3 or 4 inches tall, and have 3 sets of jagged leaves, with little baby 4th set of jagged leaves comin in now… Thanks for the help!!!

Just move them inside to a 18/6 - 24/0 light/dark cycle. Are they in soil pots?

Yea, in potting soil in little peat pots right now… Need to transplant the 2 bigger ones soon… So, not sure when to do that, with the change of not enough hot sun, to tons of light under the lights goin on tomorrow…? They should not be root bound yet, the seedling pots are not tiny or nothing, like 8 or 10 ounce peat pots maybe… Do need to transplant them soon, but since they are in peat pots, i can leave them in those and put the peat pots in the bigger pots, that they will be in till harvest. Someone did say i should take them out of the peat pots and really transplant them into the bigger pots though…? The peat pots are supposed to degrade before getting root bound once having soil surrounding them…?

I am not a pro with soil grows but what kind of grow space are you putting them into and what kind of lighting?

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@PurpNGold74 @garrigan62 Any thoughts for this guy regarding the pea pots and transfer?

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Can we see a pic?

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I don’t have a smart phone, and my computer camera does not seem to wanna work right now either… So, I have not been able to post any pics of them yet… Gonna be make shift at first, just gonna put them in a walk in closet, and bought this cheap little 45 watt light on Amazon to hold me off till I get my real light… The cheap little 45 watt Unifun light, probably really pulls 35 watts from the wall the seller said… Maybe less… It is supposed to not get too hot, according to people that own them and the seller, was just gonna put a fan or 2 in that good sized walk in closet…

Ordered a HLG 260 LED, that is supposed to be a good light for small and medium sized grows, 3 x 3’ or so for flowering stage… Won’t get that for another week or 2 though… Plan on getting a 3 x 3’ tent when I get the HLG… Or maybe a 3 x 4’…


Got this little light to use until I get my real light, because there is no sense leaving them in a green house when there is hardly ever any sun for the last month or so, and probably won’t be now, going into fall… Can maybe use it for seedlings and beginning of veg… later… Maybe!!! lol

Do what you want with them I suggest 20/4 lights and top them now and again in 2 weeks

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Thanks @Weedwizard!!!

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Sorry. Busy day. At 4~ nodes and still in peat pods? Possibly time for transplant. Can u check the bottoms? See any roots?

A photo would help IMMENSELY. And 20/4 should keep them vegging just fine. Watch that light height tho… maybe start around 24~ inchs. If they stretch drop it a couple inches closer


Hmmm, couple roots on the 2 biggest ones… Literally a couple tiny roots showing on each. 2 or 3 roots showing on one, 1 or 2 on the other…

but should I just drop the peat pots into 4 gal. pots with good potting soil, or take them outta the peat pots, and really transplant them into the bigger pots…, like some people have said they would do!?!

You’re fine leaving them in the peat pots. Just make sure when you water you make sure those peat pots get wet enough to help them breakdown fast enough for your plant’s growth, but not so wet it causes issues.

I use peat or cow pots w/o any problem. I just make sure I do everything needed to ensure the pots do their job properly. :grinning:

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Thanks @blackthumbbetty!!! I thought so!!! I used to use them, (peat pots, I mean), to grow other things a long time ago, and they worked just fine then too… Then those little auto’s won’t get shocked at all, when goin into the big pots…!!! Which I have heard can happen real easy with auto flowers… Heard they can get shocked or stunted real easy, and they are already small enough, but do look healthy, just small…

Just make sure when you water, you water right where your peat pot is, to ensure it breaks down. In fact, for the first week or so after transplanting, I water around the OUTSIDE of the peat pot. The peat pot absorbs enough water so that the soil inside the peat pot gets moist, too.


Ok… That makes sense… They do suck up a lot of water… The peat pots, I mean again, lol … I see what u mean… thanks!!!

What do u think about putting the peat pots into the bigger pots, (transplanting), the little plants right as I am switching them from a greenhouse to lights…??? Wait a few days to put the peat pots into the bigger pots, or would it even matter, not much, I assume… but… Don’t know about growin/switchin to lights… Thanks again!!!

Auto plants are on there own schedule. Any light schedule will do, so bring them in. And your good to go.