I want to start feeding with FoxFarm Trio but I'm Leery

Does your chicken and turkey free range? My 85 hens free range so they get lots of bugs lizards and other creepy crawlies i compost it in an old water trough . It fills with rain off of a rood the chickens turn it over for me . I pick up the dried cow piles and put them in the pile couple ten gallons a week i stop putting manure in the trough new years day and let it cook until last week of april
I throw in some rabbit manure but i just keep most it seperate. And mix most of it at planting the rabbit stuff is in the bottom of the bags or pots alone and the next layer its a mixture
I forgot to mention i add water beads to the mix

You guys are so lucky. Sounds like you guys live out in the wide open spaces. Unlike you guys I live in southern California where if you look out your window you can see just about everything your next door neighbor is doing. My growing area is on the side of the house and in this alleyway I get a guaranteed 10 hours of sunlight. The rest of the property is covered with trees. Not much sunshine anywhere else on the property. From what you guys say, it sounds like you have all kinds of good stuff to compost with like chicken and turkey poop. If I wanted to add something into a compost pile it would have to be dog shit because here we aren’t zoned for chickens and turkeys and I’m sure dog shit wouldn’t work so well. Therefore, it sounds like you guys have it going on wherever you guys are. Tomorrow morning me and the little woman are going to Home Depot we’re going on a perlite scavenger hunt. I spent a good part of the day here looking for a garden supply but with no luck. The best places I could find were Lowes and Home Depot or the Garden Center at Walmart and that place is for beans, not that Lowes and Home Depot are any better. I called Home Depot and asked if there was any perlite to be had and the person on the other end sounded like they didn’t know what I was talking about. As for Lowes Seems like it would take an act of God to get those guys to even pickup the damn phone. The Little Woman said she looked on the Home Depot page and it said there were 11 bags of perlite to be had at the near by Home Depot. I have a feeling that’s gonna be a waisted trip. We’ll see… Constipation

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The chick poop comes from my folks. Every spring as soon as the poop thaws the coop gets shoveled out. They free range until the snow flies. My dad brings me a good sized load every year.

As for the Turkeys, they do have some open fenced space. Those birds are not very smart. If I let them free range they’d disappear. I have to herd them into the roost every night. I give them plenty of greens during the day. They especially like dandelion greens.

Good luck on the search for perlite. I have to travel and hour or more to get to a home depot or lowes. I’m always overwhelmed with the amount of growing supplies they have. I know at my local nursery they sell composted chicken manure.

Have a great day!

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