I want to grow outside

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Im a little confused on say for eg girl scout cookies flowering time say 12 weeks.i want to grow outside ,would the flower cycle b that long outdoors?.that time is unheard of down here were mostly indica is grown.and i usually have mine up by oct 4th and harvest usually about between 20th march to bout 10th of april being about near as long as you want to leave them with the trics starting to go amber bout 7th week.my grow area gets sun from 9.30 uninterupted till sun goes down and need to purchase seeds that wont grow too high…i use there own stimulant in auxins and when they have 3 steps or sets of leaves i tip them bend stem over then make the 6 branch grow out like spiders legs along the ground and about 3mnths into there growth i let them grow up and reach abot 1.5 in height and bout a pound i usually get.but this yr all were hermis so now im after some mind blowing gear and high yield and after some great genetic instead of bushweed.i like the gsc but as i said flower time is too long as i normally pull about 8 weeks of flowering any help would b greatly appreciated and point me in the right direction… Cheers Maz

Usually flowering times are for indoor growers. Most plants grown outside follow their own schedule due to the seasons. I would plant as normal and you should be able to harvest on time just fine.

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Thanks Zoe for posting that for me :slight_smile:

Hi Aolelon…cool i can go look at other plants now as i was going by
those indoor flowering times to pick one for my temperate region.was looking at ones to 8-10 weeks
It does get hot in summer here .havnt purchased any seeds as yet.
and have a little time to pick some out ,i’ll most likely need some help
deciding…like most of us i want the biggest yield and great high area is only 6x5 as in in my avatar…

Cheers maz

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There are some plants that do need to be harvested sooner or later in the season, Usually breeders will have some sort of guideline, but for the most part they are around the same.

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They mostly time their life cycle off the length of the night. If you have a street light or porch light on them, they can veg forever (assuming photoperiod plants.) That’s real useful if you want to keep a mother plant around and take clones off it periodically.
So they detect when the nights start to get longer and then they start to flower. I think the differences in flowering time after that “fall coming” detection is just genetic. Some climates have a long time before frost, some have a short time. Different strains evolved to deal with that. Ruderalis (from Siberia!) had to deal with a VERY short time, so it abandoned photoperiod and just started flowering as soon as it could. Those genes are the basis of autoflower strains.


Thank god i dont have no lights near them …didnt even
think of that bigfella.i spose if i grow and breed that strain .they will adapt to our climate.we have a cool spring but nice and sunny.it dont warm up till summer starts at beginning of dec and is usuall anywhere between 19-30 in nxt 3 months till autumn comes.

They do fine as long as it doesn’t frost. Weed does not like 30 C but 18 to 27 is ideal. If it gets colder, it just grows slower.

Just make sure they get some water if it’s hot and dry. It droops at night but in the morning the leaves should perc up. If not, then it may need more water. Sativas like full sun but some indicas may need some noontime shade. I’ve grown both outdoors and my indicas got sunburned.

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