I want to build my led light


@dbrn32 ok I have a 4x4x7.11 tent and I grow 4 plants in a 5 5gal bucket rdwc and I need you to get me a shopping list of all I need for a top shelf light something you would build and use for your self. Also money wise try to keep it under 500.00 bucks. So plz help me


Will be tough to do with cobs on $500. Strips or quantum boards ok?


What would you build with I said try lol not def under 500 lol


I don’t want to have to build another for a long time so if cobs are the way to go then so be it just want a good led for my setup and I know you know your stuff when it comes to led lol


My preference is cobs, but I’ve never flowered under the boards or strips either. I think there are plenty of examples of both that I’ve helped people build that are doing very well though.


Kk I need a cob setup I need a list of everything I need to buy to set it up I mean everything lol


I think you misinterpreted what I was saying lol. I think you could do plenty good with some strips or qb’s, I’ve just never flowered with them.

Lemme go see what hlg still has marked down.


Lol I want a setup you would use lol so if u never used them I don’t want them either lol so cobs and a good driver for it whatever heatsink you req is what I want lol


In all fairness, I shut down my grow about the time qb’s were coming out. The last light I built for myself has a qb on it.


I would consider grabbing two of these and buying drivers separately. If you can build a frame for them reasonably, would probably be in $500 price range, and definitely a kick ass light.


Ok what size drivers lol or what kind. I really appreciate the help I have never built a led light and as far as I know the cobs where best but I can build the frame out of some spare aluminum strips I have they ar 2” wide by 8’ long by 1/4” thick you think that would hold the weight


Possibly. Some like an angle about 1/8” thick walls offers a very solid frame. But bar stock may work if fastened and supported well.

If you order 2 of those packages for a total of 4 boards, you’ll want two hlg-240h-c2100a drivers. Check arrow electronics, they’re offering 30% off if you haven’t ordered from them before.


I have steel angle but I can get it in aluminum and you are saying get 2 of the qb 288 sets


Steel angle will work if you can deal with the weight.

Yes, 4 boards total for a 4’x4’.


Ok I ordered them now for the drivers I’ll order them in a min but now the build do I want them spread out or have no spaces in between each board


Spread out a little. I think @MAXHeadRoom had a real nice diagram to follow for a 4 board build. I’m sure he’ll share if he still does. If not, I’ll come up with something for you.


Arrow is out of the model with built in dimmer. But they have the b model.


Ya I see they are out lol and I want a dimable one right


Those would require you to hook up a potentiometer to dim. Not a huge deal if you want to take advantage of the 30% off. Just click on the blue bar on top of page and fill out info. I had my code within 2 minutes.


Both a and b are dimmable. The a has built in pot 50-100%. The b on the end means it comes with dimming leads and you need to hook up your own dimmer.