I want to avoid Mold in Grow Room

Currently my grow is in my garage. I thought initially when I started this hobby, that if mold starts growing the in room on the walls or wherever, its not a huge deal to just rip out the drywall, since I put it all there in the first place, and it is definitely away from the main house. I’m considering moving the entire grow inside the house, to a spare room, so I can free up my garage space.

As long as I keep my humidity in check, I think I should avoid any room mold? Is mold even an issue with a dozen plants? How about 2 dozen, 3 dozen and so on? If I ‘tent up’ within a drywalled spare room, does that keep any potential mold contained? Any good literature out there on that? Lots on moldy plants, but can’t find much on moldy rooms. Thanks

Yes, mold is ALWAYS an issue especially if your R/H is high. If the room has mold in it then you’re asking for trouble. Those mold spores will find their way to your plants. You must clean the room thoroughly with a bleach solution, or similar to kill all spores. There is a special paint on the market that kills mold and mildew on drywall, I’ve used it, but can’t remember the name. I found it at Ace hardware, and it works really well.

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It’s made by a company called Zinnsser. I believe it’s called mold and mildew bath paint.

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Yes, I believe that’s it, thanks.

I used to be a paint sales rep

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Ahhh, well this stuff really works. I had horrible black mold in my kids bathroom and this cleared it right up.

Kilz primer works well also. It just has to be dead before coating over it.


Thank you all… I think I will make plans to move the grow setup, but I’ll be proactive. Starting with repainting the intended room with the mold resistant primer/paint. Excellent feedback, thank you all

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