I want the pain relief benefits, Not feeling high!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am currently taking CBD oil for pain. I came across this site and am interested in growing my own to save on money. My question is what plant do you suggest that doesn’t give you a massive head stoned feeling? I hate feeling high but I want the pain relief benefits. Any advice would be awesome.”

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Are use the white widow the chronic window in the Afghan a lot of the feeling of being high will determine when you harvest But I’ve had great luck with my pain with these in the super skunk as well but like I said harvesting time will depend on the feeling of being high or not as high or stuck on the couch too high

There are several strains on the market today that have high levels of cbd and lower levels of thc, so that the psychoactive effect is avoided. Some of these strains are harlequin, cannatonic, acdc.


ACDC no question about it, I use tincture daily no head high whatsoever…
I been in chronic lower back pain for 30 years, started ACDC last month…no more pain pills !!!

You can also try Charlottes web


Space Candy and Alchemy Seeds are pretty good ones from seed that is they are 50/50 blends, of indica and sativa but really high in CBD


This is exactly how I feel ILGM recommended White Widow and I’ve just started. Getting seeds was no problem and my seeds opened up in less than 24 hours. Good luck!!!

One other thing. CBD oil is a great pain reliever but for me it doesn’t last long enough and taste gross. You can use it on the skin but it smells like weed.

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Have you ever tried RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) @Lindababy?


No I had never heard of it. But I just Googled it. I’m not sure if I would dare try making this. It took me almost a decade of pain to decide to buy seeds. And then 3 weeks after I got them to plant. But thanks good to know. Is it available to buy anywhere?

@Lindababy I know this is not what you were asking for but it really helps myself and several of my friends
Acupuncture, I started with treatment every other day and now I have 1 every other week.
It really does help

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