I want my plant to grow taller!

Question from a fellow grower:

my plant is just young about 4 inches in a pot, it’s growing plenty of leaves but just not taller even though it’s winter I keep it inside as it’s cold weather and put it outside when we get some sun, I don’t have a hydro setup as being on government benifits I just can’t afford to make something like that I give it some fertilizer every now and then and water it regularly but it still won’t grow any taller just leaves it’s been growing in the pot for about 2 months now and still haven’t grown taller, so am I doing something wrong as this is my first time ever growing and if I am can you please give me some advice on how to make the damm thing grow taller.

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Are you checking ph and ppm

Is it getting any light other than sunlight?

Good growing lamps can help. My friend had a similar problem.