I want a Vape Pen

I live in upstate NY. I want a THC Vape Cart/pen. I am having NO luck finding a place that will ship here… Why?? It is legal. I have been out of my wax and am going nuts… I can only scrape the dang wax paper so many times LOL. Help

Not since the vaping deaths do any ship vape cartridges anymore.
And THC is illegal to ship anywhere. Even across the street.
Barely can find pens for dry herbs.

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Cannabis isn’t yet legal in NY outside of medical card holders.

Gotta find a good plug. Or get someone to go to the med shop. Im in upstate yoo and I know a few places around me that sell them under the table. You gotta know them or frequent the place to get them.

Its legal to possess up to 3 ounces currently. Its full legal. Just not legal to sell recreationally or cultivate. Cultivation 6 months for medical patients and 18 months for recreation. Also forgot the amount of concentrate ypu can have but you can wave it around and not get in trouble as long as your at or under the limit

I’m really familiar with the law. I was trying to be concise. Recreational cannabis sales aren’t legal yet anywhere in NY. I’m sure this person can find sources, and perhaps even some willing to mail it, but it isn’t legal.

I would recommend the Mighty by storz and bickel , should save you a lot in the long run .

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Shit, My bad I guess I really do not pay attention. I thought since it legal to grow up to 3 plants at a time per person in your house hold I thought shit I can smoke it now too.

I had a few but shit since we can grow I thought for sure we could smoke too… LOL My bad

As soon as we got the ok to grow up to 3 plants per person, We jumped on. So now what??? What about when it’s all done and we have all it’s glory?? We can’t smoke it??? SHIET

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Yiu can smoke it and possess up to 3 ounces of flower right now. Not legal to grow yet till the laws get figured out and written. Cant buy recreational yet either until the dispensarys get established and laws are set. But you can get it from another state or whatever and possess and smoke it.

The too long and didn’t read of it all is get a medical card ASAP.

It’s getting crazy here a greenhouse out here on LI just sold for 42.5 million how close are you to Massachusetts do a border run