I’ve seen this problem here, just don’t remember where…

Check out the leaves on this Grandaddy Purple.
Soil is Timerline soil/with Black Kow mixed
Week 5-6 flower
Recent flush and added nite per Fox Farm outdoor grow chart. Next feed is two days
This came about only in the last few days

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You got bugs somewhere most likely. Check underside of leaves with a scope

Through a scope, I don’t see any critters
but the leaves look a little burned up close.

Might be mold of some type. If so, treat with a dilute mix of peroxide/water.

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Looks like bugs, you might not see them. Get some Captain Jacks and spray them. I can not always see them but I can see where they have been.


Looks like bug damage to me

Looks a thing called yellow leaf fungus ( it can also be brown or grey or white…)