I’ve recently purchased some beautiful seeds including... chronic widow, gold leaf and Cali dream. Please help me!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

: Hello Ash here from Australia… I have a question… I’ve recently purchased some beautiful seeds including… chronic widow, gold leaf and Cali dream. Up until now I’m experiencing some issues in the leaf… My plants are now 5 weeks old in a 4x4 tent using coco perlite. Temp 25c humidity 80c with isolating fan and exhaust. I’m on 18/6 timer. I started them off in small solo cup to a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon smart pot under the meizhi 900w LED at height 20 inch above canopy. I’m Feeding sensi grow coco part A and part B Now as they are progressing I’m giving my cannabis plant full nutrient of 4ml equal part to every litre water as the product suggests. I don’t know how much to feed/water since in 10 gallon. I tried super cropping on all 4 of my plants which 3 I snapped almost completely :pensive: with the 4th one done correctly and I’m seeing the benefits from doing. I’ve also fim all 4 plants. Also I tried removing most of fan leafs so I’m able to get light to underneath. They are slowly growing back. I also have done some LST. I managed to get the girls back and I’m noticing they growing slower but now I’m seeing some deficiencies developing and I’m wondering if you could have a look and help me diagnose it please. And any tips on how to grow/water with what I have thanks. image1.jpeg Biggest from top is chronic widow. Left 5 gallon smart pot, gold leaf and right is gold leaf. Bottom is Cali dream. If you zoom in on the leafs you will see the problem I’m having cheers. I’ve recently flushed 4-5 litres in each 10 gallon using ph 5.8 straight water and I’m trying to get the coco to dry out not completely though. This is my very 1st ever grow also so I’d appreciate all the advice and tips given Thank you and the ilgm team cheers. Regards Ash.


all i see is some beautiful looking plants Ash…
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Thanks BIGE, Ash here. I’m trying my best to grow healthy plants as this is my 1st grow ever and I want to try use all my tent for maximum growth possible.
I’m not too sure as why a few leaves on each plant are showing signs of stress?
Kinda stressing me out too :smirk:
I will add a pic showing you the symptoms.


Welcome and man wicked looking girls got there!!

Looks like nute burn, but it’s hard to tell in that light. Can you load a pic in natural light?

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Thanks caosered!

Caosred …

Raustin, here is a photo in white light thanks.

I don’t see one

Welcome @Aussiepride to ILGM your plants look great. That probably is nutrient burn. Regular lighting will help better assess the situation. I’ve switched to following along.

Thanks raustin and covertgrower I’m sure you are both correct and after assessing/eliminating different symptoms (nutrient burn) is what I’m gathering from the research and both your thoughts.

I’m so happy I made the decision to flush the girls 4 days ago as now I can already notice the leafs bouncing back with a lighter more natural colour in the leafs than how dark and stiff they were before.
And I’m assuming that nutrient deficiency could be a suspect in the slower height rate in the 3 of the 4 plants?

Here is the pic from before.

And current pic.


I’m glad you got it sorted out. They look great.

Thank you very much, I’m doing my best :+1:

Very nice :+1:t3: