I’ve grown Grand daddy purple before and it has always shown deep tones of purple immediately upon flowering

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I understand that you can’t control the phenotypes a plant has but with the equipment I have, I can. I was hoping you would be able to give me a little guidance as to what environmental issues I could be having that I’m not getting any purple color. I would imagine that if you are the breeder of these seeds and you post pics of what they look like to get customers to buy them you must know what it takes to get the results you have gotten to advertiser the picture of what the plant should look like upon flowering. My plant does not look like what you advertise, I completely understand phenotypes and environmental controls. I have followed the Bible and the plants look great and growth is phenomenal, I’m just not getting the color.

I run a a/c with temp controller, set day 85 night 75
Humidifier with controller set at 55%
Soil FFOF super soil mix
Cree COB’s 3500 12 cobs per 4x4
RO water add 5ml CalMag
Fox Farm nutrient schedule for soil
Sealed room
CO2 enriched on controller set at 1400ppm
4 fans moving air in room


I read somewhere that the berry pheno’s respond with color to lowered temperatures. I know you said 75 but if you could drop a bit further maybe? And im not completely sure where i read it at but its worth a try maybe?

Lovely Jungle you have there btw

A lower night temp around 60 or so should do it. Some have it in them and some just don’t have it it seems

Thanks, I will lower the temp, but shouldn’t this strain be able to purple without lowering temp

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It should turn without temps but sometimes they need a push also sometimes they don’t change until they begin to ripen I wouldn’t lower temps until you begin to ripen your plants. If you don’t see a change you can force it by lowering temps. @Psblunt