I usually don't hate bugs

So we brought into our clone room a planter with some happyfrog w catnip seeds in it. Next thing the clones have aphids on them " crap" so squish and spray all with neem. Couple days later in the 2x5 tent I find my plants starting 2nd week of flower covered with aphids “WTF” I’m sure they came in on my shirt sleeves from the clone room. Lessonlearned about cross contamination. Has anybody used azamax? I’m going to call gh and ask but was wondering here if this can be used one flowering plant? If not what can e safely used?

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Capt Jack’s Dead Bug is a safe option for flowering cannabis that many growers use. Neem isn’t a good choice once in flowering.


Capt Jack’s works and washes away at harvest with a bud wash. Neem is absorbed by the flowers, doesn’t wash away or flush out. Mist the whole plant, tops and bottoms of leaves before lights out. You can do it every day, just don’t soak them. When pests are gone, spray every few days to maintain. Good luck!!!

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Captn Jacks does not work on aphids. Check the label.

I had to trim off all the most infested leaves, spray the rest down with water, let that dry and then spray down with water and Dr. Bonner’s soap mix


I was reading that spinosad doesn’t kill sap suckers. And saw azomax , azatrol etc is effective and was wondering if anyone had used either… I’ve heard dishsoap and water sprayed. We’re considering ladybugs or getting some anoles ( had to make sure the spelling of these lol) from pet shop.

Bug bombs three times in a week and they are gone. Permetherin or however you spell it is the main ingredient

Not just regular dish soap… it has to be a natural oil based soap. I really like Dr, Brommers. If you add bout 10 drops of peppermint oil, it hwlps coat the plant just enough for the aphids not to be able to latch on.


Do you mean peppermint oil instead of the soap

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No, I just bought the plain soap an added peppermint oil. They make one with peppermint scent, I ujst don’t know if it’s 100% pure peppermint oil

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Does this look like the right stuff?

Distilling the everclear from extract today sitting here so thought I’d share.

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Yes, that’s the correct stuff. Just be diligent and start now while there aren’t a lot of bugs and eggs.

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The Dr brommers seems to be working. I soaked the grow under and over last night at lights off and this am the plants don’t look bothered by their shower and the aphids were few. Will spray again tonight. Thanks for the suggestion. Also the mint smell I the tent along with the smell of the memberberry is awsome.

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Good, now just upkeep to keep them in check!

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