I transplanted two strains now this, help?

Yesterday i transplanted galactic god(yellow) and chemdawg (blue), I tried balancing the pH naturally with baking soda and the pH meter read 7.2 anyone knows the issue?

Too much goodies. Curled leaves, wrinkled, brown splotches…

is the soil fertilized? did you add nutes to feed the seedlings?


Baking soda would raise ph. Acid to lower it.


I’m thinking ph down or maybe just give ph’d water and not feed for a while.

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7.2 is too high.


Aim for 6.5


Ph range 6.3-6.8 6.5 being you target
Anything above or below will effect the plants ability to up take nutrients

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Did any of the soil break up on you during transplanting? If they didn’t look like this before the transplant, then you probably stressed the roots while transplanting.

Also it could be your baking soda. That stuff is not good for balancing pH, it has sodium bicarbonate which is not good for your plant at all. Tap water has calcium bicarbonates, which is ok, but sodium bicarbonate will harm your plant.

Sodium, or salts, can build up in your soil making it what’s called “sodic”. High levels can cause roots not to take up water triggering a drought like affect and can burn leaves.

Get you some pH up and down, adjust it with that, and give your roots some time to recover making especially sure not to over water right now.

1-Set Indefectible Popular GH pH Control Hydroponics Tool Adjustment Combo Acid Alkaline Up and Down Volume 8 oz with 1 oz Indicator


this is the soil i use

Yes some soil broke off during transplant and thanks for the info I should have been bought pH up & down

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What about ppm?

soil package is not labeled as pre-fertilized. PH and or nutes…easy to fix

What might these deficiencies be?

What does the whole plant look like? What part of the plant are those leaves from? How long did it take for the leaves to go from healthy to that?

Just from the rest of your post, I’d say you probably have some lockout happening from your pH.

I found those leaves at the very bottom of the biggest plant im not sure how long i just noticed today because it wasn’t “praying” how it would regularly

Looks like it needs food. General yellowing would indicate lack of nitrogen wouldn’t it? Especially at the bottom. I’m still learning so figured I’d follow along and see if I get it right. :blush: What are they being fed since I didn’t see that listed?

So, the very, very bottom, oldest leaves?

If it’s the very bottom leaves, that aren’t receiving much light, I wouldn’t be concerned.


Yes the lowest set

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