I transplanted and lost tons of root, help me out

Today I found root is coming out from paper pot.

I transplanted plant into 5gal pot.

Unfortunatly, I have to tear the pot and plant lost too much roots.

Do they survive? I need advice.
after transplant, I gave them half gallon of water and 2 drops of superthrive.



What I would do and have with lots of different types of fruit and veg is plant the whole peat pot/paper pot in the permanent spot or you run the chance of losing roots and run the chance of killing the weed. @daz49 maybe able to help.

Don’t forget to download the grow Bible it help’s lots.

Thank you. Now I just pray for my plant.

No problem.
It maybe fine just grow a little short and bushy. What does the plant look like?

For now they look fine to me. I hope they grow well.

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Keep an eye on them and send me a pic of the leaves for me every day or two this should give the first signs of stress.

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I will!! thank you!

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It’s always a worry when you transfer to your big pot but they have a lot of root development to do now so don’t expect to grow to quickly at first

I hope you mixed that Supper thrive with the gal of water. Next water add some hydrogen peroxide this will help your roots
Keep us posted on how there doing,



Now you know why you have the others in solo-cups :wink: Live and learn. They should be OK, but they will be stunted for a bit.

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I thought those biodegradable starter pots were made to be planted pot and all… To avoid this


I’ve had similar root loss and never lost a plant. For future reference, you can plant peat pot and all. Just make sure the top is below the soil. You can tear the top down sone and/or slash a few holes in the pot.


Looks like there’s enough root to b fine.

If u don’t want to plant the whole peat pot u can soak it really well and anything a root hasn’t attached to will peel off. Plant the rest.

I think your plant will slow down for a minute but will b just fine and may b tougher for it.

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Thank you all. I don’t know how to tag yall :smile:
This is day 2 transplant babe. I think they like new home :wink:



They look good so far

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I start to feed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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