I thought they wouldn't make seeds as they are both feminized. Can you tell me what went wrong?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

: I just grow for personal use. I don’t know what went wrong but I planted one AK-47 & one Big Bud & they both have seeds. I thought they wouldn’t make seeds as they are both feminized. Can you tell me what went wrong?
I can’t send pictures of the plants because they’ve been harvested & are drying. attached is a pic of each strain after harvest if that helps. That was when I discovered the seeds. Can you tell me anything at all about what conditions would end up with two feminized plants of different strains producing seeds?
I use Fox Farm Ocean/Forest potting soil, start them inside & then move them outside.
I have two more started, Gold Leaf & Autumn Haze. If I get seeds again I will be sure to take photos of the plants.

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Sounds like someone near by is growing too! A little pollen in the air maybe


If their dark ti,email was disrupted then they will stress and self pollinate.
They have to have a full 12hr night with no light leaks

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Sometimes, plants will do anything to survive. They might pop out one little nanner stamen which could make quite a few seeds. One node could have grown a single male flower. This can happen even if they aren’t stressed.

Just like in “Jurassic Park”: life finds a way.

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I’m guessing some kind of outside stress. Anything can cause them to hermi: nutrients, lights, temperature etc. Feminized plants are actually more sensitive than female plants.

I’m going to agree with @Sittingbull64 . outside grows are always at risk of pollination.

Someone growing that you aren’t aware of that let a male slip by and flower. Random seeds tossed out a window of a passing car with the thought of over growing the land with weed. Bees are excellent pollinators that will travel around 5 miles from home.

Your frustration is another reason many people grow indoor. An attempt to avoid the dreaded seed, unless they’re breeding.

I try to educate everyone around me that I suspect of growing. One grower snuck by me last year and let a hermie go to flower, not understanding. I’ve educated him. Small community, so didn’t take too long to find the problem.

Rambling now. Must have been the kief I iced my bowl of goody with…


Thank you all so much! I learned a lot & will be keeping them inside now.

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Hate to lose an outdoor grower, but I understand…

I agree it must have been polen in the air, specially growing outdoors. Why would one think of aliens pollinating the plants in their evil plans to take over the earth by undermining the poor terrestrian crop? The simplest answer is often the most likely one.