I thought the kids were going to grow these weeds!


Well, I guess they tried…sort of. My son and another member of our extended family have medical cards and use CAnnabis for medicine. The problem is that it’s still very expensive. So, my wife decided to help the kids grow Cannabis to keep the cost down.

So, she bought an Apollo 4x4x80" tent and let them and their Cannabis using friends guide her in whatever else was needed. Well, they didn’t do their homework, so the result was a disaster. They had only one fan, a 200cfm, and it was on the exhaust side. There was no intake fan, as it turned out they didn’t even open any other ports. So, the fan pulled air out of the tent, but no air was entering.

Instead of a big grow light, they positioned a separate grow light over each plant. The lights varied from 25 to 50 watts.

The seeds were bag seeds planted into regular potting soil in big pots, and the pots set on top of 5 gallon buckets. Each pot had a hollow PVC pipe all the way through it to the five gallon bucket. Run water down the pipe and into the bucket, let the plant soak up as much as it wants—at least, it was supposed to work that way.

Cannabis are tough plants. Six germinated and grew to about eight inches before dying from a lack of air, lack of light, and sour/waterlogged soil. The young fellows were pretty crushed over this and abandoned the project. A lot of their friends had tried growing Cannabis, only to have their plants die too. Cannabis has a reputation as being a hard plant to grow, so it just wasn’t going to work. See all the used tents, lights and supplies on Craigslist?

This was in May of 2017. My wife was giving our adult son CBD oil from the Remedy strain of Cannabis, grown in Washington state by a friend of ours. She went on a trip to Washington state as we have a daughter there. She also visited our friend who offered her a Remedy hydro clone planted in soil. She came home to Nevada and put it on the window sill, with no direct light. And, she didn’t tell me she had brought it home.

I got up the next morning, wife is gone to work. I spy this pathetic looking, unidentifiable plant that my black thumb wife seems determined to kill. I put it out into the soft, early morning light for a couple of hours. Then I brought it inside. It withered and died! Then wife told me what it was.

OK, wife and kids have both failed. But I’m a country boy, raised farming and gardening, and fairly successful at it. Good I get a Cannabis crop to harvest? I know they are hardy plants as I’ve seen them growing wild in the Midwest. So, I decided it was my turn!


LMAO I had a growing partner like that watched me grow for 6 months at his place and figured it was piece of cake I left him basic gear to start his own grow tent lights fans pots etc… Not wanting to be embarassed he tried his had at it didn’t ask advice and failed didn’t pay attention when I tended to plants when I was growing there. So basically went give light add water and they grow not so much? yes they are a weed but they are ph sensitive hungry and easy to care to death :wink:
I hope we can help you on your path feel free to ask questions most of our members like to help and simply share in the joy we get from growing these beautiful ladies :slight_smile:


You have come to the right place lot of info and generally awesome folk.


So, continuing on, it was time to rebuild. I put a 6 inch Can fan on the exhaust side and used the 4 inch fan on the intake. The tent stayed where it was on an enclosed porch with glass on one side and the house on the other three. The electrical circuits serving the tent only can run 15 amps, so with lights and fans on these circuits, I had to go with an LED light. I chose the Advance Spectrum LED light. Sure, it’s expensive, but so is good weed and it only pulls about 7.5 amps. In addition to the LED light, and the big intake/exhaust fans, I also put in three smaller electrical ‘clip on’ type fans to move air around in the tent.

And then it was time to order the seeds. I’d say that is perhaps the biggest problem with autos is seed cost. You’re ordering from overseas (England in this case), from companies that usually take only cash. It cost me $33 dollars just to mail the order to them! Right now I’m wanting to order more from another company, which takes things like Internationally Registered gift cards----and good luck finding those. They also take bank wire transfers or Western Union, which is also very expensive. I can buy large clones locally for very little money, average is about $10 each. But then you are in for a four to six month grow. The Autos grow fast but it’s expensive to get the seed.

Anyway, the tent was set up, the seeds came in and I was waiting on just one thing to figure out. How was I going to cool this tent? I live in high desert country at 5000 ft, so it’s hot during the day and cool at night. And, the humidity is around 30%. So, back to the net for some ideas and I found directions to build a cheap swamp cooler that could be powered by the four inch intake fan.



I had the pot from the failed Hydro clone that had some sort of professional soil in it that would feed a baby plant for three weeks. So, I took a tiny tupperware container, filled it with distilled water and dropped a Blackberry Auto seed into it. The seed floated, I took that as a good sign, and put the top on to let it germinate. I figured warmth might help, so I put it into gentle, indirect sunlight in a warm spot on the porch.

In a bit over a day, the seed had put out a white root and looked ready to plant. I scooped a very shallow hole out of the soil and put the seed in. This one I covered with a bread bag made of stiff plastic, and put the pot where it could receive a bit of sunlight every day and stay warm.


June 23, one day old and looking good!


After seeing the first seed germinate, I started two more Blackberries for a total of three. All have survived and thrived! And, I wanted a photo plant so I also germinated a Sweet Seeds Afghani CBD. I had no idea just how big any of these plants would get, so I was being cautious in how many plants I started.


Welcome to forum! Great story but I also was known as a killer of potted plants. Good news with the help of these great folks here I’m about to harvest!


I posted this on an older thread but here’s what I did
I used a visa travel money card. Regular visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are now only good for US purchases. I got my travel card at my local AAA office. It cost me 10 dollars for the card (one time charge) because I’m not a member and the minimum deposit is 100 dollars but it is reloadable. Nice way to purchase overseas without going through your bank or sending cash. I’ve used it for 2 different International purchases and they both went through without a hitch. There is a 3% service charge on each international order but wasn’t a deal breaker for me.


I made an instruction book for a friend and sold him my old tent and light and he doesn’t check ph and his plants look better than mine lol but I must have written good instructions :slight_smile: and ph will hit holim soon enough lol


Welcome to ILGM. Looks like yer off to a good start. I would recommend downloading the Grow bible just for a good reference. To save on the cost of seeds you should think about setting up for a cloning Grow. Buy some good regular or fem seeds and just keep cloning each Grow. Right befor flowering or a little sooner you cut enough for the next round and never buy seeds again if you don’t want to (until you hear about another strain you want to try).

There are lots of good Grow journals to get examples from. I run a 4’ x 4’ Scrog for personal meds myself and have not had to buy any smoke for a year now. I go thru about a half oz a week. I bought a good strain of indica and a good strain of sativa and have some good bags seeds of a balanced mix hybrid.

I have the same heat and humidity issues you have tho about 10 to 20 degrees cooler on average living in Colorado. I had to use a portable ac unit powered from a different breaker for my solution.

I definitely recommend a Scrog when heat is an issue, it’s easier to keep air flowing between the lights and plants and the bottom half of the tent will be cooler. I run my net at 24" off ground and still have grows reaching close to 5’ after stretch sometimes.

My basic first advice is always to set up a simple Grow you can repeat easily and then improve on that with each Grow. Keeping a journal is a must.


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Welcome to ILGM. Change the trend. Ask questions before you do something. If you aren’t sure what is next ask. Save time, money and oh time and money is really enough! hahaha

You have arrived @Loneviking Lots of good folks here to guide you along! Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask before you do something.

Looking forward to following along!

Set to “WATCHING” Best Wishes! :grin::palm_tree::us::v::+1:


A seperate clone/veg tent is in the works for next spring. The advice to work out a simple system and repeat it is what I’m trying for. I think I have the summer season figured out, now I just have to get through winter.


So, end of June and things are going well. One Blackberry Auto in a small pot with mystery soil. Two more Auto Blackberries and a photo Afghani CBD in Fox Farms Coco. The swamp cooler boosted the humidity up to an average of 50%, but the temps would sometimes be over 80 in the tent. I’d just open the front door and let the house swamp cooler cool things down. That tent looked pretty empty though.

I didn’t want to start more seeds, what I wanted were clones. Nevada is one of those states where you can’t commercially buy or sell clones. So, now what?

Reading online I found a mention to Craigslist. I checked my local site, entered ‘clones’ and ‘voila’! There was a guy having to move out of state and had Super Glue clones for sale. I met him in the parking lot of a head shop and bought two for $20, and he threw in a runt clone for free! Here are the clones, in the car and headed home.


Within a couple of days I had three, five gallon fabric pots to put the clones in. The two big clones slid out of their small plastic pots just fine. I put Mychorrhiza on the roots and put them in the pots.

The runt was a different story. It wouldn’t come out! Turns out most of its roots were plastered and stuck to the side of its pot. It lost most of those plastered roots, but it had a few left. I put Mycorrhiza on it and planted it.

July was a busy month. Two of the Blackberries were in 1.5 gallon plastic pots and had to be transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots. Ditto for the third Blackberry in a very small plastic pot. Although all had Micorrhiza added, they all had the mopes for 7-10 days due to the shock of transplanting. In the future, I’ll start them in the right size bag and there will be no transplanting.

What to feed them? I have had good luck with other house and garden plants using Dr Earth 3-3-3. It really stinks like a sewer but plants seem to love it. I’ve also often used Epsom salts, dissolving 1Tbs in a gallon of water. And the water for the plants was filtered RO. As they grew, I was feeding them at first 1/8 cup, then 1/4 cup of each by the end of the month. By the end of July, I had discovered a big problem with Coco soil–Calcium Magnesium deficiency. So, a Cal Mag supplement was added to the mix. Today, in bloom, I have 2Tbs in a gallon of water. The Super Glues need about a quart a week. The Afghani CBD a bit less than a quart and the Blackberries get half a quart each week.

I’ve never been around Cannabis plants, so I found it really interesting how different the strains were from each other. The way they grow, the food they need, whether they need stem support or staked–they are all different. You have to watch and examine your plants. I’d pull them out of the tent to put them outside in sunshine; I’d take old, dead and dying leaves off; I’d spray them and the tent down with Neem oil.

The Afghani was particularly interesting. It looked like a bushy Christmas tree. In light, it would open up. In the dark, it closed itself up. The Super Glues didn’t do that. Here’s a picture of this intriguing plant:


Here’s what the Afghani looks like on September 9:


Out of likes this morning @Loneviking :heart: Girls are looking good. Welcome to the forum, I’ll be following along.


Well, I’m skipping ahead a bit with this post. It’s getting really close to harvest time for the Blackberry Autos. This will be the second week of flushing. My son took these pictures of a trim leaf off one of them tonight.

Some of the Trichs are red, but most are clear. I’m guessing a harvest either Saturday or next Tuesday at the latest.


Aug. 22 was the day I’d scheduled to flip the full size plants to a 12 hour schedule. I knew this shorted the Autos on light, so beginning in early August I started hardening off the Autos by putting them outside in the sun for longer periods of time each day.

By August 22, the Autos were able to be outside all day. The temps were close to 100 Fahrenheit, with a lot of full sun. I didn’t see any signs of heat stress.
Nighttime temperatures were down to as low as 60. After about two weeks I noticed that bud formation seemed to have stopped. I don’t know for sure, but a lot of garden plants I’ve tried don’t like the cool nighttime temperatures and I guessed the Autos didn’t either. So, they were out during the day, and into the tent at night. And very soon, they would be in the tent full time!

I started two more Autos, Fruit Punch, and one was up August 18, the other August 20. They were in 3 gallon fabric bags, in front of a sunny window next to the tent with small grow lights over them. I’d keep the front door open to help cool the porch and tent down.
Things were going well after 10 days. Lots of leaves, the plants were healthy and green.

One afternoon, I come out the front door into the porch and our house cat happily chewing the last leaves on the biggest Auto!! You &$@^##># cat!!
Then and there the remaining Fruit Punch went into the tent. As there are stray cats roaming our yard, I put the Blackberries back in the tent full time as well.
That cat loves Cannabis fan leaves! So, beware of cats!